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Arizona long-term care facilities struggle as many wait for COVID...

According to a list provided by Maricopa County, it shows hundreds of vaccine requests from long-term care facilities still haven't been filled.

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Arizona Senate committee rejects propose...

An Arizona Senate committee on Monday rejected a proposal that would have banned cities from using photo radar speed and red light cameras to enforce traffic laws.

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Airbnb supports Arizona bill to regulate...

Online vacation rental company Airbnb supports proposed legislation that would enact penalties on short-term rental hosts who violate local nuisance, health and safety laws in Arizona.

No People Cited In Phoenix Metro Area For Mask Violations

No individuals in the Phoenix metropolitan area’s 12 largest cities have been cited for violating mask mandates. The laws, which have been in place for six

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Arizona Music Historian John Dixon Is Ho...

When ordinary people hold rummage sales at their homes, it’s typically a forgettable weekend occurrence. When John Dixon has a garage sale, it’s a can’t-miss event for local music fans, crate-diggers,

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Suspect Arrested In Connection With Disc...

The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office has arrested Walter Mitchell, 59, in Scottsdale in connection to human remains found near Prescott.

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JR Garage Host Injured And Viper Totaled In Fatal Collision

YouTube celebrity Christian from the online channel JR Garage was among three people injured Sunday in a three-car collision that also killed one person in Scottsdale, Arizona. The internet celebrity,

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Here’s how to recycle real Christmas tre...

With the holidays over and a new year on the way, it's time to start thinking about what to do if you bought a real Christmas tree.

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GoDaddy emailed employees that they got ...

US web hosting company GoDaddy couldn't have chosen a worse time to conduct a phishing test. Employees tricked into thinking they got a bonus were told to attend a social engineering course instead.

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Wow House: $4.9M Chateau On Central Could Be An AirBnB

This custom-built, $4.9 million luxury home in the heart of downtown Phoenix is a one-of-a-kind find in the Valley.

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Worldwide Auctioneers is Offering up an ...

Team will be delighted to learn that an officially licensed version of the mercenaries’ van is now up for auction. Featured in Worldwide Auctioneers ‘ January Scottsdale Auction in Auburn, the van offered is one of only six licensed models by Universal Studios,

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Arie and Lauren from 'The Bachelor' are ...

The couple brought their camera to capture the first ultrasound during an appointment in Scottsdale. They joked that they "snuck" Arie in, since he had not been allowed to be present during prior appointments due to COVID-19 precautions. Four minutes in ...

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NFL Week 6 Wrap-Up: The NFC (L)East

With Week 6 of the 2020 NFL season finished, the NFC East is atrocious, the Titans are special, and Rodgers needed a wake-up call.

Run One of These 3 Holiday-Themed Virtual Races—Starting With Hal...

Work off those quarantine pounds while still having fun—by participating in one of these holiday virtual races.

General Mills Releases 'Buddy the Elf' C...

Let's stick to the four main food groups for breakfast—candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup!

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New 'Bachelorette,' New Drama: Here's th...

"The Bachelorette" returns to ABC and the drama's already started! (Warning: spoilers ahead)

Twitter Reacts to 'Mike Pence's Fly'

After the Vice-Presidential 2020 Debate, "Mike Pence's Fly" is what's trending on Twitter!

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H&M Clothing Chain Announces Closure of ...

After losing revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, clothing retailer H&M will close five percent of its retail spaces.

Bad Bunny's New Crocs Sell Out in Minute...

Bad Bunny's new, glow-in-the-dark Crocs sell out on the first day of release!

NFL Week 3 Wrap-Up: Seahawks Fly While Ravens Descend

With Russell Wilson proving he is the MVP front-runner, the empty stadiums are shedding light on which teams are elite and which teams need assistance.

Disney+ Releases Premiere Date for The L...

Celebrate Star Wars' Life Day for the holidays!

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Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Your Bones Healt...

Your skeleton doesn't just serve as the chassis for your body, it's also a complex organism with its own biological functions, needs, and considerations. Here's how to keep your skeletal system strong.

Dating—The Dreaded En Route Meetup Anxie...

If you thought writing your dating profile and fielding the incoming messages was the worst part, nothing compares to the "en route" meetup anxiety. It's "Ride or Die," Baby!

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5 Best Workouts to Help You Achieve Your Summer Body

The time to start pumping the iron was three weeks ago! Here are the five best workouts to help you get the body you want this summer.

It's On! The 2021 Met Gala Has 2 New Dat...

We can all rest easy now—the Met Gala in 2021 is not only back on but it's giving us not one gala, but two!

Every Title Coming to and Leaving Hulu T...

New month, new Hulu titles. From television shows to movies, here's every title coming to and leaving Hulu in May 2021.

Every Title Coming to Disney+ This Month

May 2021: New month, new Disney+ titles. Get ready, there are a ton of great titles coming to Disney+ this month!

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home

Earth Day is Thursday, April 22. Created to raise awareness about protecting our planet, the first Earth Day led to the passage of environmental laws such as the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species acts. The theme for Earth Day 2021 is restore our earth.

Cracking the Code on Gen Z Slang: Slaps,...

Need to talk to your kids but can't understand what they're saying? Need a guide to Gen Z slang and lingo? We've got the definitions to "cap," "simp," "sus," and so many more!

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Costco Food Court and Samples Are Back, Baby!

Costco reopening indoor seating and samples distribution will start to make the world feel "normal" again, sort of.

Food & Drink
Every Title Coming to Amazon Prime Video...

With so many Amazon Prime Video Originals and other classic movie and TV titles, you'll have plenty to binge-watch this month! Here's everything coming to and leaving Amazon Prime in May 2021.

Drones in Shanghai Light Up the Sky and ...

On Saturday night, hundreds of drones lit up the sky in Shanghai, China, and formed a scannable QR code. The drone show was part of an advertising campaign for a role-playing game.

Every Title Coming to and Leaving Netflix This Month

New month, new Netflix titles. There are a ton of titles arriving on the streaming service this month, but there are also a ton of movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in May 2021.

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