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Aurora Breaks Ground on New Rec Center Funded By Marijuana Tax Do...

The new $41.9-million facility will include a pool, running track, fitness areas, and a massive indoor field house. It will be the second rec center in Aurora that's fully funded by marijuana tax dollars.

Find the Right RV Class for Your Travel ...

Ready to purchase an RV? Check out all the different RV classes and find the right one for your lifestyle.

Online Camping Reservations for Rocky Mo...

Start planning your summer wilderness camping trip! Camping permits for Rocky Mountain National Park are available online-only this year.

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Denver Nuggets Release Second-Half Schedule for 2020-21

The second half includes 20 home games and 16 away games.

Curious How Thai Food Came to America?

The story of how America fell in love with Thai food has some unexpected turns. Thai food saw an introduction into our consciousness after the 1960s and remains a steadfast love affair today with the US.

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Colorado Rockies Will (Finally) Welcome ...

The Colorado Rockies recently announced that fans will once again be let in the stand during home games, starting with the season opener on April 1. About 25 percent of Coors Field capacity will be allowed to attend games.

Former Broncos DB Darrius Johnson Passes Away at 47

Several reports on Twitter have confirmed that former Broncos defensive back Darrius Johnson has passed away at the age of 47. Johnson was a fourth-round draft pick by the Broncos in 1996.

Stolen Vehicle Damages 2 Colorado Spring...

The suspect rammed into the cruisers while attempting to drive away in the stolen car. With a rise in car thefts during the pandemic, police are asking car owners to remain vigilant.

Local News
Vehicle Registration Enforcement to Resu...

On Thursday, April 1, the City and County of Denver will resume vehicle registration enforcement. In addition, Denver's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) stated that its backlog has been cleared and it will be "resuming timely processing requests" for new, standard license plates by the end of March.

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Dry Dock Brewing Is Releasing a New Signature Series

2021 is looking to be an awesome year for beer. Here are Dry Dock Brewing's newest masterpieces!

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Thousands of Hummingbirds Set to Visit C...

The beautiful, busy little birds will be fluttering into Colorado by mid-April.

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Denver Restaurant Week Moved to Spring t...

Hoping for better spring weather, Denver Restaurant Week moves to April 23 to May 2. Check out tons of great deals from Denver's eateries with outdoor seating!

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State Articles
Spring Forward Contributes to an Annual ...

A study performed by Current Biology showed that 6% of traffic deaths per year are attributed to the week following spring Daylight Saving Time.

St. Patrick's Day Facts: By the Numbers

We've decided to take a deeper look at the facts and figures surrounding St. Patrick's Day, to add more appreciation for the beloved Irish holiday.

Local Culture
How to Stick to Your New Year's Weight L...

We're a couple of months into 2021. Whether you're nailing your fitness routine, forgotten your resolution, or fall somewhere in between, use these tips to reach your goals.

Meet the Wellness Center That's Fighting...

Osteoporosis is a silent but serious disease. Let's look at a revolutionary new protocol for it.

Accidental Imposters and Mistaken Identities: The Black Prince’s ...

The Black Prince’s Ruby is one of the most beautiful aspects of the Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom. It’s positioned front and center in the cross pattée above the Cullinan II diamond.

Local Culture
Lockdown at Centaurus High School in Laf...

According to reports, a teacher at Centaurus High School in Lafayette, Colorado, heard what appeared to be gunshots in or around the school on Wednesday morning. This activated a lockdown. Lafayette police are now reporting that it was a false alarm.

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Douglas County School District Plans to ...

The district said vaccination of teachers and other district staff is exceeding expectations. Douglas County has plans to return middle and high school students to full-time, in-person learning soon.

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John Elway's 1992 Dodge Viper Up For Auction On Barrett-Jackson

Evidently, the Viper has been at Barrett-Jackson before, back in May 2020. According to Barrett-Jackson, the roadster has since remained in the auction company's showroom. But a year earlier, there was no shortage of media coverage—especially in Colorado—of Elway trying to unload the Dodge at a dealership he owned in Greeley,

American Airlines Flight to Aspen Lands ...

Emergency crews met the flight operated by SkyWest Airlines after the crew reported electrical fumes in the cabin of the CRJ-700.

Local News
Krispy Kreme Is Returning to Colorado Sp...

Time to indulge your sweet tooth! The delicious glazed donut chain submitted a proposal to open a Colorado Springs location in December.

Order Takeout in 2021 to Support Your Favorite Restaurants

Looking for good dining in 2021? These are some of the places that we'll be ordering from.

5 Celebrities You May Not Know Are From ...

Many great things have been born right here in Colorado; lots of great beer, fabulous food, and high-quality local talent. Movie stars, television actresses, and musical icons all make the list—Tim Allen, Amy Adams, and more.

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National Articles
Disney Created an Enchanting New Classic...

Simply put, this movie is an action-packed Disney tale with a sumptuous Southeast Asian backdrop. Forget the musicals of years past--this latest film is a symphony of breath-taking fight scenes and enchanting scenery.

Chili's Celebrates March With Jameson an...

Chili's is introducing a new gallon size Margarita and bringing back the Lucky Jameson Margarita for $5, all month long.

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Disney to Close Up to 60 Store Locations

Disney is in the process of closing at least 60 physical store locations. Disney is turning to more online avenues instead of brick-and-mortar venues.

Maia Chaka From Virginia Beach Named Fir...

Maia Chaka makes history in the NFL, slated for the 2021 season. A Virginia woman and teacher is making history becoming the first Black female official.

Las Vegas Casino Chain Offering All-Incl...

The summer internship program comes with a paycheck, lodging, and free meals. Interns will have the chance to learn all about the day-to-day operations of a casino hotel located in the entertainment capital of the world.

National News
CDC Releases Highly-Anticipated New Guidelines for Those Fully Va...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced new guidelines for those who have been fully vaccinated, including gathering indoors with other fully-vaccinated individuals without masks, or of one other household of unvaccinated people (if at low-risk of serious illnesses).

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Mountain Dew Collaborated With the Bob R...

Mountain Dew collaborates with the Bob Ross Company to create a "new" episode of "The Joy of Painting," which will air March 6 on YouTube.

Food & Drink
The First 3D-Printed Home on the Market ...

SQ4D Inc. has put the first concrete 3D-printed home on the market for $299,999, and it may just solve the affordable housing crisis.

Real Estate
Paramount+ Streaming Service Now Available

As Paramount+ launches, the second-oldest Hollywood studio fights to get in the streaming game. If you're curious, the site features Paramount+ Originals like "Star Trek: Picard," "Star Trek: Discovery", "The Good Fight," and "Why Women Kill."

Start Saving Now: First Space Hotel Set ...

The Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) is slated to open the galaxy's first space hotel in 2027. The luxe hotel will feature artificial gravity, government modules, private homes, and commercial activity.

FCC Program to Pay $50 Towards Broadband...

The program will also pay $100 towards a laptop or tablet. The new program by the CARES Act has been launched by the FCC.

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Chipotle Collaborates With e.l.f. on Makeup Line

The inspired-by-Chipotle eye palette comes with free chips and guac from its namesake restaurant. The limited-edition makeup collection from e.l.f. Cosmetics launches on March 10.

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