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John Elway's 1992 Dodge Viper Up For Auction On Barrett-Jackson

Evidently, the Viper has been at Barrett-Jackson before, back in May 2020. According to Barrett-Jackson, the roadster has since remained in the auction company's showroom. But a year earlier, there was no shortage of media coverage—especially in Colorado—of Elway trying to unload the Dodge at a dealership he owned in Greeley,

Why Italian Food Is the Ultimate Love La...

No matter what your dietary restrictions are, Italian cuisine has something for pretty much everyone. Italian cuisine, ti amo.

Broomfield Moves Down a Level on the COV...

Broomfield County is no longer seeing Yellow, but now more of a sunny Blue (at least for now). Here are the new guidelines that come with Level Blue.

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Krispy Kreme Is Returning to Colorado Springs After 17 Years

Time to indulge your sweet tooth! The delicious glazed donut chain submitted a proposal to open a Colorado Springs location in December.

Cursed Jewelry: The Black Orlov Diamond

The lore surrounding the infamous Black Orlov Diamond is rife with speculation—and we're here for it.

Pho 78 Is as Tasty and Authentic As It G...

Good pho can be hard to find. Thankfully, Pho 78 has a menu of rich and flavorful pho, along with other intense South Asian dining, for the Broomfield and Westminster area.

The Jewel of Germany: The Dresden Green Diamond

The Dresden Green Diamond, also known as the Dresden Green, is a 41-carat natural green gemstone. Green diamonds are among the most valuable and rare gems in the world.

North America's Highest Ski Lift Finally...

Breckenridge's Imperial Express Superchair opened on February 18, a late start due to lack of consistent snow in the high altitudes.

Weld County, Wyoming? Colorado Voters Wo...

A petition pushing for Weld County to secede from Colorado and join Wyoming may become a decision made by a statewide vote soon.

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Lone Tree In-N-Out Burger Opening Monday!

After much anticipation, the third In-N-Out Burger location in Colorado is now open. Located in Lone Tree, this In-N-Out joins Aurora and Colorado Springs after much delay. It was expected to open in 2020.

WATCH: Plane Engine Fails, Falls Apart O...

A United flight from Denver to Honolulu narrowly avoided catastrophe and landed safely at DIA after one of its engines failed and fell apart mid-flight, with pieces strewn over Broomfield, Colorado.

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Wedding Postponement Etiquette

The pandemic has forced a record number of couples to postpone their weddings in the past year. Here's how to gracefully inform your guests.

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How COVID-19 Brought Back the Road Trip

COVID-19 put restrictions on travel and brought back the road trip, leaving that European vacation on hold and hitting the open road in good old-fashioned road trip style.

Colorado Rockies: Three potential replacements for Nolan Arenado ...

The Nolan Arenado trade is official. He is gone off the Colorado Rockies and they will have to replace him some way. Of course, they can replace him but...

COVID-19: Colorado Among the Safest Stat...

In the West, an area consisting of the 11 states west of Texas and the Dakotas as well as Alaska and Hawaii, there have been a total of 6,038,525 confirmed cases — or 7,742 per 100,000 people. For context,

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OCN Rigs: This Toyota Tundra Build Is a ...

The Tacoma that once dominated the mid-size market now has to compete with the Colorado, Ranger, and Gladiator, to name a few. Up in the full-size market, the F-Series, Sierra, Silverado, Ram, Tundra, and Titan give you PLENTY to choose from.

Many Colorado Assisted Living Facilities Experience ‘Circular Nig...

COPIRG combed through Medicaid and Medicare data and it showed that nearly one in four assisted living facilities reported a shortage of nurses.

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Sclerotherapy: Help for the Pain & Appea...

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that’s used to treat blood vessels and blood vessel malformations as well as problems with the lymphatic system. It’s commonly used to treat varicose veins and spider veins.

How to Prepare Your Employees for Disrup...

Change can be hard for most people. Try these tips to set the stage for your employees to shine throughout the process.

5 Signs of an Effective Business Leader

Business leaders need these 5 qualities in order to lead effectively and confidently.

Colorado Study Shows No Link Between Gym...

Fitness centers are a safe space to exercise and improve overall health—even amid a pandemic.

'The Bernie Meme' Is Forever Immortalize...

The trifecta of BBQ, body art, and the "Bern" comes to life through tattoo artist, Sam Kuhn. Whether you're a Bernie fan or not, this is guaranteed to make you smile.

What to Do If Your Car Loses Traction

Put these tips into practice the next time your car needs to gain traction to get going, make a turn, or stop.

VIDEO: See Thriving Elk Herd Numbering 4...

After the Cameron Peak Fire burned more than 200K acres, Coloradans are celebrating the sight of thriving wildlife. A recent study found a significant number of elk herds across Larimer County.

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'Rugrats' Reboot Is Heading to Paramount...

Calling all '90s kids—your favorite gang of rascals is coming back to the small screen. "Rugrats" is getting a reboot for Viacom CBS's streaming service Paramount+.

Every Title Coming to Disney+ This Month

March 2021: New month, new year, new Disney+ titles. Get ready, there are a ton of great titles coming to Disney+ this month!

Every Title Coming to Amazon Prime Video This Month

With so many Amazon Prime Video Originals and other classic movie and TV titles, you'll have plenty to binge-watch this month! Here's everything coming to and leaving Amazon Prime in March 2021.

Worldwide Beauty Brand Becca Cosmetics C...

Becca Cosmetics will cease operations in September. Another cosmetic titan falls victim to the global pandemic.

Every Title Coming to and Leaving Netfli...

New month, new Netflix titles. There are a ton of titles arriving on the streaming service this month, but there are also a ton of movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in March 2021.

Every Title Coming to and Leaving Hulu This Month

New month, new Hulu titles. From television shows to movies, here's every title coming to and leaving Hulu in March 2021.

New Music Review: Songs Released Februar...

It's our weekly song review where we review five new songs released this past week! Check out our music review to see if any of your favorites are on our list.

Dunkin's Matcha Latte Returns to Menus T...

They're a "Matcha" made in heaven! Dunkin's is rolling out two new items this week.

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Brightly-Colored Dogs Discovered in Russia Serve as Reminder of '...

Blue, pink, and green dogs discovered in the Russian cities of Dzerzhinsk and Podolsk serve as reminders of a chemical, "toxic legacy."

Taco Bell Is Testing Out a Chicken Sandw...

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco launches at drive-thrus in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Nashville before going national.

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Man in Hospital Bed Is Actually a Life-S...

The 'hyperrealistic' cake is made by Ben Cullen for a music video of rapper Slowthai and its pictures have stirred varied reactions among netizens.

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Style Roundup: Selena Gomez Serves Up Cozy Quarantine Looks in HB...

Selena Gomez gives us great ideas for cozy, chic quarantine style in her HBO Max show, 'Selena + Chef.'

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