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Excerpt: Beginning in 1955, "The Enchanted Forest" was an amusement park in Ellicott City, Maryland. It closed in 1990 and waited in ruin until Clark's Elioak Farm in Ellicott City began to rejuvenate its pieces in 2004.


I was so blessed to have an aunt and mother who took us to the Enchanted Forest so many times. It was like a dream. And the memories at age 64 are still within Me. About four years ago I decided to visit Clark's Elioak Farm. Not just with my son but with my granddaughter. I couldn't believe my eyes. It may not have been the same as Enchanted Forest but every piece brought back such good memories. Especially when my granddaughter set and the red teacup. That was my favorite. But to see all the other things with her and with my son was the best experience I've had in decades. Change and loss is pretty hard for some. Of all the things in my life that went away besides family and loved ones, was losing this magical place we so often visited. On our second trip, when I saw my granddaughter sit in the teacup, that I rode in so long ago. To see her go into the Old Woman in the Shoe house, and so much more, brought tears to my eyes. I was crying so much that this older gentleman sitting near me asked if I was okay. Okay? I was just so happy that there was something left in my world that didn't disappear totally. I got to share something so special with the two most important people in my life. I only wish I could have brought my 89 year-old mother. She just wouldn't be able to make the trip. But I show her the pictures and I can tell she remembers. I thank you all at Clark's Elioak Farm with all my heart. My granddaughter just turned 12 years old and we can't wait until the nice weather gets here to come back again. God bless you all and thanks for this post. I just requested to join the group on Facebook.