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10 Things You Have to Do in the DMV This Weekend (April 16-18)

Catch drive-in movies, wine tastings, and so much more!

Things To Do
After Year-Long Hiatus, Capital One Aren...

The Capitals and Wizards also released ticket information for the 2020-2021 season.

3 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches Near DC

Because a trip to the beach isn't the same without your furry friend.

Marijuana Will Be Legal in Virginia Earlier Than Planned

Simple marijuana possession will now be legal beginning July 1.

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5 Ways to Entertain Yourself During Your...

Keeping your sanity on the road is important. Here are some tips on how to make your drive less stressful.

Maryland Gaming Revenue Hits Record in M...

Casinos generated a record $169.2 million dollars in March of 2021. The best month EVER in March!

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DC Public Service Commission Outlines Changes Ahead of New 771 Ar...

Residents can prepare their devices for the new overlay through October 9.

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George Washington Memorial Parkway to Re...

The National Park Service will implement new safety measures on the George Washington Memorial Parkway starting later in 2021. The adjustments will affect the section between Alexandria and Mount Vernon.

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10 Things You Have to Do in the DMV This...

Highlights include a wine festival, shopping pop-up, and a virtual 5K for a well-known charity. Here's your weekend roundup for Friday, April 9, to Sunday, April 11.

Lime Mopeds Are Now Available to Rent in DC

The company known for providing D.C. with rental bikes and scooters has a new vehicle to add to the fleet. We have a new way to get around the city, with Lime's e-mopeds making their debut in the nation's capital.

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Take a Look at the White House's 2021 Ch...

The keepsake pays tribute to the 36th President Lyndon B. Johnson. It features a painting of the Blue Room's 1967 Christmas Tree and a powerful quote.

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The Semper 5ive Race Is Going Live at Qu...

Looking for a family-friendly, in-person race this spring? Head to Marine Base Quantico for this 5-miler!

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The Ultimate Summer Question: Ocean City...

Summer isn't that far off, and it's time to start planning your beach getaway. But to where? Ocean City or Virginia Beach?

Our Washingtonians Then: The 'Queen of Soul'—Aretha Franklin

Though Aretha Franklin wasn’t born in Washington, D.C., she spent a significant amount of time here in her youth, playing piano and singing at the most popular clubs. Let's honor her and properly appreciate how much she meant to the city of D.C.

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A Beginner's Guide to Catching Blue Crab...

One of summer's best foods is also free for the taking if you know how to to go crabbing! Here are some easy methods for a beginner that will have you out on the water in no time.

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How to Attract Hummingbirds This Spring

Hummingbirds have been spotted in southern Virginia, and it's the perfect time to make them feel welcome. Here are some great plants and feeders that will attract these colorful little friends to your yard.

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Wellness: How to Treat Sunburns at Home

Summer days spent outside often mean the occasional sunburn, no matter how careful you are. Here are some simple home remedies to make you feel better.

COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available at All D...

Giant Food Pharmacies are now offering COVID-19 vaccinations in all 152 of their Giant store locations. Depending on your location, you can receive one of the three COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Spring Cleaning? Learn to Declutter Like...

Follow these spring cleaning tips to declutter your house and your life!

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White House Easter Egg Roll Canceled for the Second Year in a Row

Thanks for nothing, COVID-19! The annual White House event featuring eggs, a giant Easter bunny, and kids from all over the country has been canceled for 2021.

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Bethesda's 'Bark Social' Combines an Off...

Get ready for some four-legged socializing, complete with adult beverages for all!

Here Are 8 Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunts ...

Venture down the bunny trail with these must-visit Easter egg hunts! Easter is almost here, which means it's egg-hunting time!

The Best Doughnuts in the DMV

Are you craving a puffy pastry of sweet and sticky goodness? So are we!

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SpaceX Satellite Lights Up the Sunday Mo...

For those wondering, those lights were not any meteor or comet, and definitely not a UFO! It's just one of Elon Musk's pet projects again.

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Most Popular Toy the Year You Were Born:...

We've looked far and wide to find the most popular toys of every year, from 1950 to 2009. What was the most popular toy the year YOU were born?

Local Culture
15 Most Popular Idioms and Their Meaning...

An idiom is a phrase whose meaning isn't necessarily obvious from a first glance at the individual words. We've scoured the internet and found 15 of the most-popular idioms in the English language and their meanings.

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The First Supermoon of 2021 Is Set to Shine Bright on April 26

It's going to be the biggest and brightest pink supermoon this year! It's also the first of two supermoons to happen in 2021.

VIDEO: 'Godzilla'-Like Lizard 'Takes Ove...

A huge—and we mean, huge—lizard was seen in a Thailand 7-Eleven last week. This giant Asian Monitor lizard walked into the convenience store and began climbing the shelves. And it was all captured on camera!

VIDEO: Squirrel Gets Drunk After Feastin...

While many of us were stuffed last week, this squirrel had some dizzying effects from his feast.

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'Harry Potter,' 'Peaky Blinders' Actress Helen McCrory Has Died

British actress Helen McCrory, who is best known for her roles in "Harry Potter" and "Peaky Blinders," has died, announced her family on Friday. She was 52. McCrory died of cancer.

'Demonic' Dog Put Up for Adoption in Bru...

New Jersey woman puts New Jersey chihuahua up for adoption on Facebook because he drives her crazy. Woman says chihuahua hates animals, men, and children and compares him to a gremlin.

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VIDEO: Research Finds Snakes Can Climb T...

Colorado State University (CSU) researchers were examining the use of baffles (often a long deterrent, sometimes in a shape of a stovepipe, a cone, and more) to protect the nests of Micronesia starlings on Guam when they noticed snakes hitching their way up trees in a unique way.

Starbucks Is Celebrating Earth Month By Offering Freebies & Disco...

April is Earth Month, and Starbucks is celebrating by giving you the chance to win freebies and discounts. Similar to its Starbucks for Life game, this game combines instant-win but with puzzles, for an added twist.

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4 Best Ways to Compost This Spring

Why should I compost? Well, the answer is simple—it's beneficial for the environment, it reduces waste, it improves soil health, it conserves resources, and it's rewarding!

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Dozens of Recipes for When You're Stuck ...

Cooking and eating at home can get boring fast when you're stuck at home. We've compiled some of our favorite recipes over the past year to help you stay well-fed, happy, and healthy. Let's get started!

McDonald's Closing Hundreds of Restaurants Inside Walmart

The restaurants have suffered due to the loss of foot traffic and migration to drive-thru and delivery service.

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