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Should Illinois voters be able to recall crooked pols?

A new proposal would allow just that. But as California proves, "reform" sometimes means just more nasty politics.

Archery, duck calls, shotguns, fishing, ...

Chicago Family Outdoor Day brought the incongruity of archery, duck calls, shotguns, fishing and turkey mounts to Chicago’s Southeast Side Saturday at William W. Powers State Recreation Area.

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Illinois professor charged with hate cri...

The National University of Health Sciences has suspended Alberto Friedmann "pending the results of a university investigation," officials said.

Local author to speak about Illinois history

Author Charles Titus is an emeritus member of the History Department at Eastern Illinois University where he taught Illinois history.

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Snap Count Breakdown From the Bengals' 2...

The Bengals' lost to the Bears 20-17 on Sunday afternoon. It was an ugly game that wasn't as close as the score would indicate. The Bengals' offense struggled throughout the game. They only ran 55 total plays.

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Four Takeaways From the Bengals' 20-17 L...

The Bengals fell to 1-1 this season following Sunday's 20-17 loss to the Bears. There was some good and plenty of bad in their first road game of the season. Most of these takeaways could change after a second viewing (especially if I can look at the coaches' film).

WATCH: Lightfoot delivers 2022 budget address to City Council

Her proposed budget will allow us "to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform our city for the better," the mayor Lightfoot was prepared to say in her budget address to the City Council on Monday.

Chicago police fatally shoot man alleged...

A man allegedly armed with a knife was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer on the city’s South Side Sunday morning. The Medical Examiner’s Office identified the man

At Least 9 People Killed, 47 Wounded So ...

At least 56 people had been shot in Chicago this weekend as of Sunday afternoon, and nine of them had been killed.

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Mediterranean restaurant helmed by Greek-born chef coming to the ...

A modern Mediterranean restaurant is set to open next spring in the West Loop, filling the space previously occupied by veggie-focused restaurant Bad Hunter. The new restaurant, Nisos, will be helmed by Greek-born chef Avgeria Stapaki.

The burning questions as ‘Chicago Fire,’...

Chi-hards may get resolution on the season-finale cliffhangers when NBC’s ‘One Chicago" shows return Wednesday.

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Chicago Mayor Lightfoot to Give 2022 Bud...

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is set to deliver her 2022 budget address during Monday’s City Council meeting, where she is reportedly expected to announce an increase in property taxes in the city.

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Will My Personal Injury Case Go to Trial...

Curious about how personal injury law is different from a criminal case? Let's explore one of the key differences.

Here’s Why You Should Always File a Police Report After an Auto A...

There are several reasons to get a police report after a car accident. Here's why.

Chicago Street Vendors Come in Out of th...

It's not the first time Robert Magiet has purchased a street vendor's lot. With bitterly frigid temperatures in the windy city, street vendors are struggling to sell to customers.

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Thousands of Unemployed Americans Must R...

Many Pandemic Unemployment Assistance recipients are on the hook for overpayments, regardless of fault.

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NFL Week 9 Wrap-Up: Wilson Regresses and Tom Brady Chokes

Here's our recap of everything that happened in Week 9 of the NFL.

NFL Week 7 Wrap-Up: Undefeated Steelers ...

With Week 7 of the 2020 NFL season finished, we see dominance in veterans like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Big Ben, and franchises crumble.

Things Are Heating Up on 'The Bacheloret...

On this week's "Bachelorette" episode, Clare explores the bachelors' love languages, and things get a little steamy!

NFL Week 6 Wrap-Up: The NFC (L)East

With Week 6 of the 2020 NFL season finished, the NFC East is atrocious, the Titans are special, and Rodgers needed a wake-up call.

Run One of These 3 Holiday-Themed Virtua...

Work off those quarantine pounds while still having fun—by participating in one of these holiday virtual races.

General Mills Releases 'Buddy the Elf' C...

Let's stick to the four main food groups for breakfast—candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup!

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New 'Bachelorette,' New Drama: Here's the Season 16, Episode 1 Re...

"The Bachelorette" returns to ABC and the drama's already started! (Warning: spoilers ahead)

Twitter Reacts to 'Mike Pence's Fly'

After the Vice-Presidential 2020 Debate, "Mike Pence's Fly" is what's trending on Twitter!

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Disney Ditches Virtual Queue System for ...

Walt Disney World (WDW) has just announced that it will be temporarily “pausing” the virtual queue service for "Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance" at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. Instead, there will be the traditional standby line.

Here's What You Need to Know About Apple...

If you own any Apple products, listen up! A new report came out about potential spyware hacks and the company replied by rolling out emergency security patches for most of their operating systems.

Old Navy Expands Its Plus Size Product Line in Stores

Old Navy evened the playing field with this bold move, mixing extended sizes in with its existing offerings.

Amazon's 'LuLaRich' Pulls Back the Curta...

Let's get real. Amazon's original series "LuLaRich" dives headfirst into the LuLaRoe phenomenon by ripping back the curtain and tossing it out–curtain rod and all.

Taco Bell Wants Your Used Sauce Packets!

Taco Bell is teaming with TerraCycle in their efforts to go green, as they're encouraging customers to return sauce packets for recycling. This effort is aimed towards more recycling products that have been used.

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BREAKING: Body Found in Wyoming Confirmed to Be Missing 22-Year-O...

On Tuesday, September 21, authorities officially announced that the body found in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming has been positively identified as Gabby Petito, 22.

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Fall Officially Starts on Wednesday, and...

Autumn officially arrives Wednesday at 3:21 p.m. EDT, and we're ready. While we should have been winding down into milder temps this time of year, the weather has done anything but.

Cracking the Code on Gen Z Slang: Slaps,...

Need to talk to your kids but can't understand what they're saying? Need a guide to Gen Z slang and lingo? We've got the definitions to "cap," "simp," "sus," and so many more!

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Vintage Halloween Costumes That Will Haunt You Forever

People of the past brought their creepy A-game to Halloween. From looking at these nightmare-inducing photos, one thing's for sure: our ancestors were obsessed with huge heads, pillowcases, and general creepiness. 

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Dunkaroos Are Back—Here's Where You Can ...

Dunkaroos, the popular '90s snack, is making a comeback, and you can find them in an oddly convenient place.

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'Friday' Actor Anthony 'AJ' Johnson Has ...

Actor Anthony 'A.J.' Johnson has passed away at the age of 55. His most iconic roles were as E.Z.E. in "House Party" and Ezal in the movie "Friday."

Your Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Shopping!

To lend a hand, we've put together this guide of everything you need to know about Black Friday 2021, including when it starts, where to shop, and the best deals.

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