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Baltimore City Pools Reopening Memorial Day Weekend

Pools in Baltimore City will be reopening on Memorial Day Weekend. Certain rules and limitation will apply though.

Inner Harbor's Fourth of July Bash Has B...

The annual fireworks show and Artscape have been scrapped in fear of producing superspreader events

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10 Things You Have to Do in the DMV This...

Take a look at our picks for springtime fun! From pizza and wine, blues festival, and speed dating, there's something for everyone!

DC Mayor Lifts All Capacity Restrictions, Effective June 11

In a Monday morning press briefing, the D.C. Mayor announced all restrictions would be lifted on all public and commercial activities on May 21, 2021. Nationals Park will be allowed to return to full capacity on June 11, 2021.

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Maryland Mansions: A Hunt Country Estate...

If a sprawling horse farm is your idea of a dream home, then this is the listing for you. Welcome to "Foxfire." Foxfire is located at 3311 Jarrettsville Pike in Monkton and it's currently listed for $6,500,000 by Krauss Real Property Brokerage.

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Candy for a Cause: Mother-Son Business i...

Bro Bombz has raised over $1,000 for Maryland Food Bank! Eight-year-old Jacob Cohen wanted to help people struggling amid the pandemic.

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Chef José Andrés Trading Vaccination Cards for Gift Cards at Hi...

Starting on May 8, 2021, Chef José Andrés will give anyone who presents proof of full vaccination a $50 gift card, which will be good at any of his restaurants in the D.C. area.

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Adventures in Maryland: Glen Echo Park

The grounds at Glen Echo Park near Bethesda, Maryland, have more than 14 buildings that host a variety of arts and crafts classes, dance lessons, and artists in residence.

Ocean City Goes Back to Court Over Tople...

Ocean City goes back to court in the lengthy topless ban saga in Ocean City, Maryland. Local plaintiffs fight for their right to semi-nudity.

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Baltimore Rapper 'Chad Focus' Sentenced for Wire Fraud Conspiracy...

Randallstown resident Chad Arrington used a credit card provided by his day job to rack up $4 million in unauthorized purchases.

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Montgomery County Approves Funding for P...

A pandemic prevention center is in the pipeline in Montgomery County, and its planning phase has just been approved for funding. The $500,000 appropriation supports the Pandemic Prevention and Biodefense Center's business plan.

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Cinco de Mayo Party-Goers Can Get a Free...

The promo code is good for one $15 Lyft ride. Before you order that extra margarita, make sure you have a plan for getting home.

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Smithsonian Adding 'Star Wars' X-Wing Fi...

The National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., has secured the ultimate piece of movie memorabilia, the X-Wing Fighter from the "Star Wars" saga. The fighter will be on a long-term loan from Lucasfilm and will be displayed at the National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall in 2022.

10 Things You Have to Do in the DMV This Mother's Day Weekend (Ma...

We've got brunch specials, an outdoor plant sale, or even a live concert if that's her jam. Here's your weekend roundup for Friday, May 7, to Sunday, May 9.

7 Pretty Accurate Stereotypes of People ...

Socialite? Smartypants? Hipster? You can probably name off at least a person or two who fits each of these D.C. stereotypes. Enjoy.

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Surprise Lesser Kudu Calf Born Overnight...

The baby was born on March 28 to parents Rogue and Garrett. Right now, he's spending quality time with mom in a quiet enclosure away from the exhibit.

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Marylanders Can NOW Go Outside Without a Mask

Case rates have declined enough for Governor Hogan to lift the outdoor mask mandate. Other restrictions are starting to lift in the state as well.

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Second Seal Returned to Ocean After Reha...

The seal was found on the beach in Ocean City suffering from dehydration. Nicknamed "Stuart Little," the rehab team taught him how to forage for ice, essential to keep him hydrated.

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Spooky Maryland: You'll Avoid the Pocomo...

Maryland's Pocomoke State Forest is not the friendliest forest, it seems. Legends say it's haunted. What say you?

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Our Marylanders Then: Edgar Allan Poe

Is there anyone who understands the dark side of human nature better than Edgar Allan Poe? Did you know Edgar Allan Poe had significant connections to Baltimore, Maryland?

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5 Best Workouts to Help You Achieve Your...

The time to start pumping the iron was three weeks ago! Here are the five best workouts to help you get the body you want this summer.

Pittsburgh-Area Pub Chain Opening in His...

Dive Bar & Grille will replace the spot left by Rams Head Tavern in June

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The Getaway House in DC: Is It the Right Vacation for You?

An overview of the Washington, D.C., Getaway House location in Stanardsville, Virginia, near Shenandoah National Park.

DC to Resume Parking Enforcement on June...

The city has initiated an amnesty program for people with outstanding tickets. The return of traffic enforcement marks a return to normalcy for the district and hopefully the opening of museums and attractions later this year.

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Cracking the Code on Gen Z Slang: Slaps,...

Need to talk to your kids but can't understand what they're saying? Need a guide to Gen Z slang and lingo? We've got the definitions to "cap," "simp," "sus," and so many more!

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Sinbad’s 'Shazaam': The Strange Case of ...

Many people remember a movie where Sinbad plays a genie and grants wishes to two children. However, there is no evidence that this movie ever existed.

Smithsonian Launches Educational Cruises That Bring History to Li...

Smithsonian has partnered with Ponant Cruise Line to offer unforgettable cruise experiences.

Target to Stop Selling Trading Cards in ...

After a violent incident, Target will no longer sell Pokémon and select sports trading cards in stores.

WATCH: Raw Footage of Florida Fisherman ...

While tarpon fishing near the everglades, this Florida resident somehow kept his wits about him as he captured his own narrow escape from an alligator attack.

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Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando End Temperature Checks

There’s one less queue to go through at Florida theme parks.

WATCH: Colorado Rockies Fan Gets Knocked...

In an incident recorded on video, a Padres fan can be seen walking up to another man, who seems to be a Rockies fan, and punches him right in the face. The knockout punch went down during the 6th inning at Coors Fields.

How to Use Gas Buddy to Navigate the Tem...

Originally created to help people save money at the pump, the Gas Buddy app is the unsung hero of the recent fuel shortages.

'The Voice': Biff Gore, 'Ambassador of Soul,' Gives OCN Live an E...

OCN Live chats with Biff Gore about season 6 of "The Voice" and gets an exclusive performance from his new album that's releasing soon!

Tiger Walking in Houston Neighborhood Ra...

Just in case you didn't get enough of Carole Baskin from the "Tiger King" docuseries on Netflix, here's one more reality appearance.

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White Claw Will Be Available on United A...

Plus, a revamped snack menu to go with it! United Airlines recently unveiled a beefed-up food and drink menu.

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VIDEO: Terrifying Footage Shows Balcony Full of People Collapsing...

The shocking incident left at least a dozen people injured and two of them being treated for critical injuries.

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