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Twitter Reacts to 'Mike Pence's Fly'

After the Vice-Presidential 2020 Debate, "Mike Pence's Fly" is what's trending on Twitter!

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H&M Clothing Chain Announces Closure of 250 Stores

After losing revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, clothing retailer H&M will close five percent of its retail spaces.

Bad Bunny's New Crocs Sell Out in Minute...

Bad Bunny's new, glow-in-the-dark Crocs sell out on the first day of release!

Disney+ Releases Premiere Date for The L...

Celebrate Star Wars' Life Day for the holidays!

There's an Actual Scientific Way to Perfectly Melt Cheese on Toas...

After extensive research, chemists have cooked up the perfect formula in the lab.

Disney Releases New Holiday Ornaments

Disney's Holiday Ornaments Collection is your one-stop shop for holiday gifts!

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5 Interesting Facts About the Late Justi...

As we mourn the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, let's reflect on some of her positive moments as "The Notorious RBG."

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Take That, Pandemic: Big Ten Conference Football Is Back On for 2...

Big Ten Conference football kicks off the weekend of Oct. 23–24 after initial plans to not play this fall because of COVID-19 concerns.

Nebraska Man on a Mission to Change the ...

A Nebraska man went to his city's council asking to change the name of boneless chicken wings because the meat in "chicken wings" doesn't even come from the wing of a chicken and that the product is akin to chicken tenders.

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Disney Created an Enchanting New Classic...

Simply put, this movie is an action-packed Disney tale with a sumptuous Southeast Asian backdrop. Forget the musicals of years past--this latest film is a symphony of breath-taking fight scenes and enchanting scenery.

Disney to Close Up to 60 Store Locations

Disney is in the process of closing at least 60 physical store locations. Disney is turning to more online avenues instead of brick-and-mortar venues.

Twitter Roundup: The Smartest Tweets About Meghan and Harry's Opr...

As usual, Twitter had intelligent, funny, scathing takes on the monarchy after Meghan and Harry's intimate, personal interview with Oprah last night.

Local Culture
Maia Chaka From Virginia Beach Named Fir...

Maia Chaka makes history in the NFL, slated for the 2021 season. A Virginia woman and teacher is making history becoming the first Black female official.

Las Vegas Casino Chain Offering All-Incl...

The summer internship program comes with a paycheck, lodging, and free meals. Interns will have the chance to learn all about the day-to-day operations of a casino hotel located in the entertainment capital of the world.

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Chili's Celebrates March With Jameson and Gallon Margaritas

Chili's is introducing a new gallon size Margarita and bringing back the Lucky Jameson Margarita for $5, all month long.

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Mountain Dew Collaborated With the Bob R...

Mountain Dew collaborates with the Bob Ross Company to create a "new" episode of "The Joy of Painting," which will air March 6 on YouTube.

Food & Drink
St. Patrick's Day Facts: By the Numbers

We've decided to take a deeper look at the facts and figures surrounding St. Patrick's Day, to add more appreciation for the beloved Irish holiday.

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Smile! National Dentist's Day Is March 6!

Flash those pearly whites as you take time to thank your dentist. Don't worry, scheduling a visit as a patient is optional.

Paramount+ Streaming Service Now Availab...

As Paramount+ launches, the second-oldest Hollywood studio fights to get in the streaming game. If you're curious, the site features Paramount+ Originals like "Star Trek: Picard," "Star Trek: Discovery", "The Good Fight," and "Why Women Kill."

FCC Program to Pay $50 Towards Broadband...

The program will also pay $100 towards a laptop or tablet. The new program by the CARES Act has been launched by the FCC.

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Alicia Keys Reacts to Viral TikTok Video of Florida Girl Singing ...

Nine-year-old Annika Coverly's poolside rendition of Alicia Keys' hit song 'Girl on Fire' has gone viral, with the singer herself commenting, "Sing, Mama."

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