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Audi's Latest Electric SUV Costs How Muc...

The Audi Q4 e-tron's starting price is $45,000—almost $8,000 less than the Tesla Model Y.
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Review: The 2020 Ford Ranger

The 2020 Ford Ranger features performance, safety, and rugged good looks.

Ford Mustang Mach I Reboot Coming in 2021

Dating to its creation in 1969, the Ford Mustang Mach I embodies the classic style, iconic design, and performance of an American muscle car. “Like the original, the all-new Mustang Mach 1 will be true to its heritage, delivering great looks and as the most track-capable 5.0-liter Mustang ever.”

Audi Has a Team of Scientists Dedicated to Smelling the Interiors

For 35 years, Audi has relied on a team of scientists to ensure that the interiors of their luxury vehicles smell as neutral as possible. The department works to determine that the materials and substances used in assembly won't leave a noticeable smell and that outside heat won't create foul odors from forming in the cabin.

Ford's New Software Can Eradicate Coronavirus From Cop Cars

Ford has designed a new heat-sanitizing system to kill off coronavirus bacteria in climate-control systems of police vehicles.

Audi's Latest Electric SUV Costs How Much?!

The Audi Q4 e-tron's starting price is $45,000—almost $8,000 less than the Tesla Model Y.

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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter Weather

We’ve got some tips to help keep your vehicle running in good shape over the winter.

Best All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles to Pick Up Used

Coloradans love their all-wheel-drive automotives—especially after a surprise snowstorm. You don't need all-wheel-drive, but if you can't live without it, pick up one of these.

OCN Rigs: Meet Kelly Lund, His Co-Pilot Loki, and Their 2017 Toyota 4Runner

We met up with Kelly Lund and his co-pilot Loki to talk about his off-grid lifestyle and his 2017 Toyota 4Runner build in this episode of OCN Rigs.

Record Number of Flu Vaccines in Colorado This Year

There are a lot of people in Colorado getting flu (Influenza) vaccines this year, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

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VIDEO: Dashcam Footage Shows Jeep Rolling Down Black Bear Pass in Colorado

Dashcam footage captured by another driver who was below the Jeep Wrangler that rolled over the edge of Black Bear Pass on October 10.

Tips for Surviving Sun Glare While Driving

Having trouble with sun glare? Check out our tips for safety and better visibility while driving.

Virginia Has the Rudest Drivers in America

Alexandria has the rudest drivers in the state, with eight other Virginia cities landing in the top 20 of rudest drivers in America.

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What You Need to Know About Colorado's 'Move Over Law'

Colorado’s "Move Over Law" has had some recent changes that all drivers in the state should be aware of. Drivers need to move over one lane and slow down for emergency vehicles. 

The Importance Having Good Motorcycle Insurance

Colorado roads are great for motorcycle adventures, but are you insured enough? All motorcycle riders can agree on the importance of having good motorcycle insurance.

Winter Driving Season Is Coming! Time to Get to Know E-470

While E-470 can seem expensive, it can save you valuable time and provide a luxurious and uncongested stretch of highway to travel on.

The Strange History of Motorcycles in WWI

Motorcycles played an important role in WWI. Here's what that looked like.

5 Things You Need to Make Eating in Your Car Easier

Eating in the car becoming a drag? These gadgets will make it easier and cleaner to eat in the car.

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