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Despite Warnings, Hundreds of Americans ...

Remember all those mystery seeds that were sent to Americans from China a few months ago? It turns out that hundreds of people planted them, and some folks even ate them!
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VIDEO: Lake Tahoe Bear Smashes Through Door Like 'The Hulk'

Run, Goldilocks, run! Bears are on a perpetual hunt for food, and a recent video out of Lake Tahoe shows exactly how far they will go to find it. 

2 Lysol Products Are the First to Be Officially EPA-Sanctioned to Kill Coronavirus on Surfaces

If you had trouble finding Lysol before, it's about to get even more difficult.

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DIY Home Movie Theater on a Budget

Who needs to go out when you can have a movie night in? With the following inexpensive tips and ideas we've listed below, you'll be able to bring a bit of the theater to your living room.

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How to Keep Kids Safe From Ticks

Essentials for Grilling Out This Summer

To get your grill on, you'll need a few essentials: a grill, a cooler, and food. You're welcome.

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Is This 'Outdoor Desk' Hack Brilliant or Bizarre?

A recent trend we have seen making the rounds and generating some interesting conversation on social media is the low-tech "outdoor desk." Essentially, this is just a cardboard box flipped on its side to create a makeshift cubicle.

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7 Essentials for a Pandemic-Proof Pantry

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that being prepared is key. Here are some must-have basics for a well-stocked pantry.

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4 Must-Have DIY Tools—and Handy Projects You Can Use to Justify Buying Them

These are four tools that any DIY-er should have, as well as projects to use to justify the purchases. You're welcome.

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Underground 'Doomsday' House for Sale in Las Vegas

The 15,000 square-foot underground home is perfect for sheltering in place. It's listed for $18,000,000.

Real Estate
This 'Bookcase Credibility' Twitter Rates the Bookcases in the Backgrounds of Video Calls

What does your bookcase say about you and your credibility? A lot. In video conferencing, the collection of books behind you is sometimes more important than what you say.

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The Great Grill Debate: Charcoal or Gas? 3 of the Most Expensive Grills You Can Buy

There are definitely advantages to both! The finished products, though, are like night and day. Which do you prefer -- charcoal or gas grills?

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Inflatable Kiddie Pools See a Surge in Sales as Public Pools Remain Closed

Retailers and pool companies all over the country have reported remarkably high sales and demand over the last couple of months, from the inflatable kiddie pools to professionally installed pools.

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Despite Warnings, Hundreds of Americans Planted Those Mystery Seeds

Remember all those mystery seeds that were sent to Americans from China a few months ago? It turns out that hundreds of people planted them, and some folks even ate them!

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Football-Themed Candles: Bring the Jockstrap Scent Right Into Your Home!

Babe Wines releases new football-themed candles with some questionable scent choices. For fans who were just dying for the full-field experience, a three-candle special collection has been offered for sale: Jockstrap, Hashtag Field Goals, and $18 Nachos.

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More People Are Raising Their Own Chickens at Home During the Pandemic

Raising chickens is an increasingly popular hobby.

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Sewing Machines Are Scarce As Crafters Get Busy Making Masks

It's not your imagination; sewing machines are getting pretty hard to find right now! All over the country, people are dusting off their old machines to make face masks in response to the increased pandemic-fueled buying.

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5 Items You Need to Make the Best Homeschool Room for Your Child

As families prepare to do virtual learning, these five items will help you instill a sense of control and organization in your home, in order to set your child up for academic success.

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Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office Environment

COVID-19 has many people working from home and finding themselves in need of a space to work they can call their own. Working from home requires a home office or workspace that is designated as such.

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Pottery Barn's Halloween Decor Just Arrived, and It's Absolutely Spooktastic

Pumpkins and witches and bats, oh my! We'll take it all! Pottery Barn just dropped a bunch of Halloween decor on their website, and all of it is to die for.

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Home Depot's Massive, Fog-Breathing Dragon Decoration Will Be the Envy of Your Neighbors This Halloween

The Home Depot is selling a 69-inch animated dragon that breathes out fog, and it's bound to make all of your neighbors jealous. With LED-illuminated red eyes and animated movements, the dragon comes to life before your very eyes.

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Bags of Mystery Seeds From China Identified

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced that it has identified the seeds included in bags (many of which are labeled as jewelry) shipped to random addresses in about 22 states the U.S. from China. Anyone who received the seeds is still urged not to plan them and to alert local officials.

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Clorox Wipes Won't Be Easy to Find Until 2021

If may take you a little longer to find Clorox wipes at the store.

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Lessons Learned From Cutting the Cable Cord

Just over a year ago, I took the plunge and cut off our outrageously expensive cable package. Here's what came out of this experience.

Kitty Couches Are a Thing Now—Pass It On

Here's a little something to put a smile on your face. Crochet a mini couch for your favorite feline—All the cool kids are doing it!

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Fort Collins Puts a Stop to Watering Lawns Starting October 1

Residents forced to turn off sprinklers in efforts to conserve water.

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How to Keep Your Houseplants Alive in Colorado's Dry Winter

Houseplants can struggle in the dry air and low light of winter, but choosing the right plants and following a few simple steps can help your indoor plants thrive.

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Woman Creates Way to Help Find '420 Friendly' Roommates, Apartments in Denver

So many things go into picking a new place to live, and one of the biggest is a roommate. An issue that seems to be a rising concern for some folks is weed. A Facebook group called "420 Friendly Apartments, Roommates & Sublets" in Denver aims to help.

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Colorado, Expect to See More Bugs Inside Your Home This Year

Colorado may see more insects trying to find their way inside this year due to the blast of cooler weather taking over the state. Get ready to bug-proof your home earlier this year.

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4 More Ways to Cut Back on Your Water Bill

Are you spending too much on your water bills? Here are some sneaky ways to save water.

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Tiny House Village for Veterans Breaks Ground in Longmont

The Veterans Community Project Village Longmont (VCP Village) will be located on two and a half acres off Nelson Road, near the Home Depot and Target. The village will hold 26 tiny homes, including five 350-square-foot homes for families; these homes will sleep up to seven people.

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Are Your Trees Dying or Just Stressed?

A flash freeze last October that caused temperatures to drop from a balmy 83 degrees one day to 13 degrees the next likely caused internal damage to a variety of trees and shrubs across Colorado, experts say.

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Caring for the Community Through Urban Gardening

Supporting others though access to fresh produce and food is a concept sprouting up all over the Denver metro area.

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Plant Sale to Benefit Brookside Gardens Now Underway

This year's Friends of Brookside Gardens plant sale will be virtual with contactless pickup.

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Japanese Beetles Are Treating Colorado Gardens Like a Buffet

Despite being kind of pretty, these little jerks can take down plants in no time.

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3 Ways to Keep Water Bills Low During Summer Pt. 1

The heat of summer means we use more water for drinking and for playing, but that also leads to bigger water bills if you're not careful!

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6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Prepare for a Future Hurricane

From storing drinking water to filling up your gas tanks, here are six things you should do now to prepare for the worst-case hurricane scenario.

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