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The 7 Best Interactive Maps Tracking the...

It's more important than ever that we have the facts. If you're tired of checking headlines or googling "coronavirus updates" three times a day, here's where you can find the most up-to-date data on the virus in real-time.
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This Week's Uplifting Coronavirus News: 3 Ways Humans Coped This Past Week With Acts of Kindness

The world isn't always so dark and scary. A 6-year-old boy sets up a "joke stand," a U.K. man claps for 24 hours, and nurses and a patient exchange uplifting notes through a glass ICU window. Here's how humans have coped with the pandemic this week with acts of kindness.

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Divorced for 30 Years, Elderly Couple Remarries Under COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic makes us all take love a little more seriously—especially elderly couple Kjeld and Lotte Pressler.

Can COVID-19 Be Spread Through Farts? These Australian Doctors Suggest So.

The Australian Broadcasting Company puts out a podcast called the “Coronacast”. An episode aired on April 17, where Dr. Norman Swan mentioned that farts could potentially spread the virus.

WATCH: A World-Famous Indonesian Volcano Just Erupted, and It's Pretty Dramatic

Anak Krakatau, the site of the largest volcanic eruption in the last 140 years, is erupting in Indonesia.

The 7 Best Interactive Maps Tracking the Coronavirus in Real-Time

It's more important than ever that we have the facts. If you're tired of checking headlines or googling "coronavirus updates" three times a day, here's where you can find the most up-to-date data on the virus in real-time.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Moving to Los Angeles

Attention all fans of the Royal Family: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are relocating from Vancouver Island to Los Angeles!

Japanese Billionaire Holds a Competition to Find a Girlfriend to Accompany Him to the Moon

The Japanese billionaire who paid to be the first person to go to the moon via Elon Musk's SpaceX doesn't want to go there alone. So he's hoping to find a girlfriend—via a competition.

Listen Up, Flat-Earthers: The Universe Could Be a Hologram

There’s been a heated debate roaming around the internet about whether the Earth is flat or round.

Luxury Maldives Resort Holding Contest Seeking Intern to Spend 2 Weeks Swimming With Sea Turtles

A summer internship with sea turtles now open at this luxury resort in the Maldives, all expenses paid.

Here's What Happened When A Man Sued to Take 20 Years Off His Life

At 69, Emile Ratelband feels 49 – and he'd like a birth certificate to prove it.

Amazon’s Founder Reveals Plan to Visit the Moon by 2024 With Newly Developed Craft

One giant leap for mankind, just another day for Jeff Bezos.

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Watch: Prince Harry and Meghan Introduce 'Baby Sussex' to the World

Two days after his birth, we get a peek at the royal baby!

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Actor Alan Rickman's Diaries of 25 Years to Be Published as a Book in 2022

Publishing house Canongate has reserved rights on Alan Rickman's 27 volumes of handwritten diaries and will publish them all in one book in fall 2022. The book will be titled "The Diaries of Alan Rickman."

VIDEO: Russian Man Narrowly Escapes Getting Crushed By a Slab of Concrete While Cleaning Off Windshield

A young man in Vladivostock, Russia, had a close call while cleaning off his windshield.

Another Botched Art Restoration Makes Headlines in Spain

"The potato head of Palencia" sculpture is the latest of many botched art restorations. In fact, these botched restorations are so common, it almost seems like they're becoming their very own art genre, as one Twitter user put it. 

French Primary School: 'Parents, Stop Throwing Children Over the Gate'

At a primary school in Avignon, France, tardy parents were tossing their children over the locked six-foot-high gate.

UK Study: National Lockdown Has Had Some Negative Effects on Children

England has just entered its second national lockdown and the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) is reporting on the effects on the country's children. While most children are doing as expected or better, there is a distinct correlation between their school performance and interaction with parents or caregivers.

Check Your Status on Santa's 'Naughty and Nice' List, Released by North Pole

Why wait until Christmas Day to see if you're going to end up with coal in your stocking? Check out the Naughty and Nice List, courtesy of the North Pole's Department of Christmas Affairs.

VIDEO: NASA Releases the Latest Video of Helix Nebula and It's 'Terrifyingly Beautiful'

The video is posted on the official Instagram account of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

VIDEO: Mama Grizzly Stands to Full Height to Show Hunters Her True Size

In this video from ViralHog, a couple of hunters in Canada are approached by a mama Grizzly bear, trailed by her three cubs.

Scientists Discover a Hell-Like Planet the Size of Earth

A research team from McGill University, York University, and the Indian Institute of Science Education have published information about a planet that's basically described as hell.

Pfizer, BioNTech Say COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Is 90 Percent Effective

The vaccine could be available to the general public in the third quarter of 2021 and is expected to be provided free of charge in America.

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Survey: How We Communicate at Work in the US Is Different Than in the UK

A survey polled 1,000 workers in the United Kingdom and 1,000 workers in the United States and found that each group has different ideas about professional communication in the workplace.

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Workers Find a Hidden Note From 1941 in Historic Belgium Church

Some very sage words tucked away in the church.

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