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Run One of These 3 Holiday-Themed Virtua...

Work off those quarantine pounds while still having fun—by participating in one of these holiday virtual races.
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When to Use Acetaminophen and When to Use Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen? OTC medicine is more powerful than you realize.

Run One of These 3 Holiday-Themed Virtual Races—Starting With Halloween!

Work off those quarantine pounds while still having fun—by participating in one of these holiday virtual races.

3 Superstar Nutrients That Naturally Fight Pain and Inflammation

What if there was a better way to treat the pain than by popping ibuprofen or other pain meds?

Your Health Matters: 2 Reasons Why Your Body Needs More Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that helps the cells in our body function properly.

8 of the Top Fitness Myths (Setting the Record Straight)

What you think is a "healthy" habit may be sabotaging your progress. Here are eight myths that need to be debunked.

Wellness: Snack Smarter With These 200-Calorie Nibbles

There's nothing worse than the afternoon snack slump. If you plan ahead, you can indulge healthier with these nine choices, all around 200 calories.

Wellness: How to Treat Sunburns at Home

Summer days spent outside often mean the occasional sunburn, no matter how careful you are. Here are some simple home remedies to make you feel better.

Wellness: Do You Snore? You Probably Need a Sleep Study!

If you snore profusely, enough to wake yourself up, there's a good chance you have sleep apnea. Undiagnosed, it can cause feelings of perpetual fatigue and worsen over time. A sleep study is an easy way to see what's going on, once and for all.

Can COVID-19 Be Spread Through Farts? These Australian Doctors Suggest So.

The Australian Broadcasting Company puts out a podcast called the “Coronacast”. An episode aired on April 17, where Dr. Norman Swan mentioned that farts could potentially spread the virus.

How to Tell the Difference: Cold vs. Flu vs. Coronavirus Symptoms

The common cold, the flu, and coronavirus all have overlapping symptoms. How do you tell them apart?

Wellness: How to Make It Through the Holidays With Social Anxiety

On its own, social anxiety is bad enough. Add in the holidays with all of the "mandatory" gatherings, and it can be downright crippling.

Wellness: 5 Gadgets to Help You Stay Warm This Cold-Weather Season

Whether you're headed for the slopes or working outside, keeping warm is very important to ward off sickness this fall and winter. Here are some gadgets that can help.

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Make Carnitas in the Slow Cooker With Just Two Ingredients

This is one of the easiest and most mouth-watering recipes to add to your menu this week.

The San Antonio Spurs deserve the benefit of the doubt from their fanbase

After sustaining excellence for this long, the least that San Antonio Spurs fans could do is give the team the benefit of the doubt this offseason. Before

Colorado Ranked in Top 10 Charitable States in America

Colorado ranked No. 7 in charitable giving and No. 22 in volunteer hours, with an overall ranking of No. 10 of the most giving states in the United States, according to WalletHub's study.

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Hallmark Is Giving Free Cards to Thank Teachers

Teachers are heroes who deserve our utmost thanks, and Hallmark is helping us do just that.

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How to Fight COVID-19 With Fitness

While exercise won't stop you from catching COVID-19, the benefits offered by exercise do help in improving overall health and bodily function which is more than necessary under these circumstances.

COVID-19 prompts San Antonio’s University Health to spend more on extra nurses for surge, domestic violence victims

The public health system’s financial support for the domestic violence program will help pay for additional staff, psychiatric services, an on-call forensic nurse, food, transportation and pet kennels needed by family violence survivors.

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‘We’re in trouble’: Texas sending record help to hospitals

Texas is sending medical staff to overworked hospitals by the thousands — more now than at any point during the pandemic — as a worsening surge of cases leaves virus

Gluten-Free Oreos to Finally Become a Reality in January 2021

Like we needed a reason to anticipate the new year. Oreo is helping us start 2021 off right with Gluten Free Oreos!

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COVID-19-Friendly Ways to Volunteer This Holiday Season

We're in this together. Find creative ways to give back and spread cheer ... you'll be glad you did.

George Mason University Will Offer a Free Mental Health Hotline to Essential Workers

George Mason University's (GMU) Center for Psychological Services will offer a free mental health hotline for people fighting against COVID-19 on the frontlines in the D.C. region.

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Calls for the Return of the 'Nightly Howl' Picking Up Steam in Colorado

A recent push on social media in Colorado has grown over the last week in an attempt to bring back the nightly howl as a way to honor healthcare workers who are treating thousands of new COVID-19 patients every day.

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Top 5 Tips to Connect Regularly With Friends

"We should get together!" "It's been so long!" Cut the chatter and make it happen with these tips.

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