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VIDEO: Family on Boa...

A Wisconsin family boating on a lake in Chippewa County came across a black bear with its head stuck inside a plastic container. It was struggling to stay above water. So they saved it.
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Watch This Electrifying Version of 'Africa' by Toto Being Played on Tesla Coils

This version of "Africa" by Tot is played 100 percent on Tesla coils. The video by Franzoli Electronics was posted last week and already has nearly 220,000 views on YouTube!

VIDEO: Amazing Drone Footage of Tens of Thousands of Green Sea Turtles Nesting

Queensland Government's Department of Environment and Science released some amazing drone footage of green sea turtles on Raine Island, Australia. Part of the Great Barrier Reef, Raine’s Island is the world’s largest green turtle rookery and has been studied by scientists for many years.

New Music Review: Top 5 Songs of the Week, May 31–June 6

Here is our weekly review of new tracks that debuted this past week! Let us know what you think of these five songs!

10 Hilarious TikTok Moms to Make Your Day

Move over, kids: moms have made it to TikTok, and their videos are funnier than yours.

Video: Adorable Husky Sings 'Lean On Me' With His Owner

This Denver healthcare worker and his dog show us that sometimes we all need someone to lean on.

This 93-Year-Old Survived an Epidemic and a War. This Is Her Message for the Class of 2020.

At 93 years old, Billie Shelley has seen many changes in the world—she's also lived through the Polio epidemic in elementary school and her high school graduation got canceled due to World War II. Shelley shares a sweet message to seniors, letting them know that they'll make it through this.

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VIDEO: In Other 2020 News, a Monkey on a Motorbike Tried to Kidnap a Toddler

Someone recorded a video of a monkey in Indonesia trying to kidnap a toddler. Oh, and the monkey was riding a motorbike.

New Music Review: Top 5 Songs of the Week, May 10–16

Check out our weekly music review where we list five new song releases of the past week! We include tracks from rock bands to pop artists and more!

More Viral #Lockdown Videos to Make Your Day

If you can't find your own fun in this time of self-isolating, here are a few videos to keep you entertained.

Pentagon Releases 3 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena' Videos Taken by Navy

The U.S. Department of Defense has released three previously unclassified videos taken by U.S. Navy pilots of "unidentified aerial phenomena." The footage shows unidentified objects flying at high speeds in Earth’s atmosphere.

National News
Parody Video Makes Fun of Car Commercials We've Seen During the Pandemic

We've all seen those commercials from companies assuring us that we're not alone, that they have our back in these uncertain times, and that we're all in this together. Well, this very well-done spoof of "Every Car Commercial During COVID" hit YouTube about two weeks ago, and makes fun of those very commercials.

Matthew McConaughey Joins Jimmy Fallon's Socially Distant Soap Opera With Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig

Jimmy Fallon's socially distant soap opera, "The Longest Days of Our Lives," brought Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig together again to give us the first installment of the show. Viewers were left wanting more, and Fallon delivered with a new episode ... and Mathew McConaughey.

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VIDEO: The Internet Can't Get Enough of This Reporter’s Reaction to Yellowstone Bison Herd

Deion Broxton, a reporter with Montana CNN-affiliate KTVM, was working on a solo piece in Yellowstone National Park. As he was recording, he noticed an approaching herd of bison and his reaction to them is ... priceless.

Double Feature: 'Tiger King': What the Hell Did We Just Watch?!

Kaitlyn and Kristina watched Netflix’s “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”, and they have some thoughts. Actually, they have A LOT of thoughts … and questions!

The Ultimate Compilation of Feel-Good Dog Videos

Is there anything better than a goofy dog trying to get away with something? Here are some of the best, silliest, and sweetest dog videos to put a smile on your face.

Double Feature: Movies & Shows to Watching During a Quarantine

Kristina is out, so Kaitlyn takes the reins and discusses the movies and television shows that she thinks make for a perfect viewing experience during your … extended time at home.

Here's an Adorable Cat Video Compilation to Help You Make Through the Quarantine

It's all good—no concerning news here, only an assortment of cute cat videos.

New Music Review: Top 5 Songs of the Week

Here is this week's review of newest song releases. It goes over the latest hits from artists and musicians.

Double Feature: St. Patrick's Day Special – We Drink and Play the 'Incohearent' Game

In today's episode of Double Feature, Kaitlyn and Kristina drink green beer and play the "Incohearent" party game in honor of St. Patrick's Day, because why not?

OCN Parental Composure Podcast: Sibling Dynamics and Rivalries

Elise and Mike talk about some "war stories" they’ve had in their household and discuss how far they actually let things go until they have to step in. Are sibling rivalries a real thing? Are they normal? Um, YES!

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OCN Parental Composure Podcast: Getting Kids to Clean Is Like Pulling Teeth!

Why is it so hard to get kids to do their chores? Special guest Joy Moore joins Mike to talk about some ways to get kiddos to do their chores more often without having to tell them. They also talk a little about whether kids should be compensated or not for doing said chores.

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Double Feature: Disney-Pixar's 'Onward' Movie Review

In today’s episode, Kaitlyn and Kristina review the most recent animated film to come from Disney-Pixar, “Onward.” But does it live up to the heartfelt, magical moments we’ve come to expect from the film studio? Or does it take things to a new level of awesome? Only one way to find out ... it's time for a quest!

VIDEO: NASA Jettisons 'Retired Communications Component' on Live Feed From the International Space Station

The object captured on video is NOT a UFO, instead, it's a "retired communications component" that was jettisoned from the International Space Station (ISS), according to a NASA spokeswoman, who also said this entire maneuver was planned in advance.

National News
Double Feature: Top 10 Horror Movies That Scare the Sh*t Out of Us!

In today's episode, Kristina shares the 10 horror movies that have left her completely traumatized … and Kaitlyn gives her a ton of crap for it! The scariest horror movies are ones that keep you on the edge of your seat and make you sleep with the lights on.

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National Articles
VIDEO: Bear Crashes Maternity Photoshoot in Colorado Springs

A couple in Colorado Springs recently had a maternity photoshoot, and it's been garnering quite a bit of attention on social media after a "very unexpected but amazing guest" showed up.

VIDEO: Denver Zoo's Grizzly, Tundra, Takes a Bubble Bath

The Denver Zoo has found a fun way for its grizzly bear, Tundra, to enjoy summer and stay engaged through enrichment activities: a bubble bath! 

Exclusive: OCN Sits Down With Robert Kennedy Jr to Discuss Mandated Vaccines in Colorado

In this exclusive interview, Robert Kennedy Jr. gives OCN's CEO Joe Oltmann a detailed history of vaccinations and discusses why he believes mandated vaccines are a problem.

Local News
VIDEO: East Canyon Fire Burning Uncontrolled West of Durango

A blaze, named the East Canyon Fire, is burning near the Montezuma County/La Plata County line in Southwest Colorado and is growing quickly. Fire started on Saturday and is now estimated at 1,100 acres with zero containment.

Local News
Exclusive: OCN Sits Down With Kevin Jenkins to Talk Mandated Vaccine Legislation in Colorado

Kevin Jenkins, the Executive Director of the Urban Global Health Alliance, sat down with OCN's Joe Oltmann to talk through Colorado's Senate Bill 163 and the implications that the bill will have on our state.

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VIDEO: Watch as a Bear Cub Charges at the Door of This Boulder Home

A home in Pine Brook Hills in west Boulder recently had an encounter with a persistent visitor at the door: a young bear cub. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) shared the video of the cub on Twitter.

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VIDEO: Large Great White Shark Spotted Near Ocean City

Some fishermen near Ocean City, Maryland, got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a great white shark up close. The sighting is one of the first big shark sightings this summer.

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A Richmond Dancer's Irish Step Dancing Goes Viral and Sparks Interest in Ireland

Richmond, Virginia, has a new TikTok dance star, and her name is Morgan Bullock.

Emotional Video Plea Issued by Missing Colorado Woman's Husband

Suzanne Morphew went out for a solo bike ride on Mother’s Day, an activity she loves and does all the time. But Sunday, May 10, was different because she did not return. Barry Morphew posted an emotional video plea on Facebook this weekend, pleading for her return.

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Jazz Up Your Zoom Account With These Maryland Backgrounds

Share Maryland’s best—from Old Bay to Thrashers—in your next Zoom Meeting.

Local Culture
VIDEO: Denver Zoo Reveals Genders of New Lion Cubs

On Mother's Day, The Denver Zoo let us all in on the genders of the two lion cubs that were born on April 23. Watch mom give them some cute cuddles in a fun video posted by the zoo.

VIDEO: Just an Armadillo Strolling Through the Daffodils at the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo brings us yet another adorable animal video to keep us up on all the happenings with our favorite animals. This time, keepers took a little bundle of fun out for a walk in the spring flowers.

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