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Virginia Dream Homes: Historic 'Ellen Glasgow House' in Richmond ...

This registered historical landmark is an elegant Greek Revival home in the heart of Richmond.

Real Estate
Restaurant Review: The Battlefield Count...

A restaurant review of the Battlefield Country Store in Fredericksburg, Virginia, covering everything from country store wares, hamburgers, and milkshakes.

Updated Road and Bridge Closures for Ina...

As Inauguration Day events unfold, many roads and bridges around the area will be closed or restricted.

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Metropolitan Washington 'Restaurant Week' Offering Take-Out Meal ...

Metropolitan Washington Restaurant Week is back on track for January 25, and we can hardly contain ourselves! For two weeks, restaurants in the District and NoVa will offer up unbeatable meal deals for carryout between $22, $35, and $55.

10 Things You Have to Do in the DMV This...

Bottoms up! It's time for another fun-filled weekend in the DMV. Here's your weekend roundup for Friday, January 22, to Sunday, January 24.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Move to DC

Come visit, but please don't stay! Washingtonians will say they love their city, but it's definitely a love-hate relationship. Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn't move to D.C.

Local Culture
Governor Northam Backs Bill to End Death Penalty in Virginia

On January 13, 2021, Virginia state legislators introduced a bill to abolish the death penalty. If the bill succeeds, it will convert the existing sentences of offenders on death row to life without parole.

Local News
'Restaurant Week' in Norfolk and Newport...

Many participating restaurants in Norfolk and Newport News will be making their deals available for carryout this year.

Virginia Zoo Welcomes 'Feisty' Baby Gira...

The Virginia Zoo has recently welcomed the first baby of the year—a baby girl Masai giraffe. The "feisty," 6-foot-1 giraffe was born on January 11 to proud parents Imara and Billy, announced the zoo on Thursday.

Winter Wildlife Festival in Virginia Beach Takes Flight for Virtu...

Throughout the month of January, bird-lovers can celebrate the region's winged wonders through contests, tours, and more!

Metro to Close 13 Stations, Reduce Hours...

Metro stations close and Metrobus schedules will be impacted by security protocols in the nation's capital.

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Weird Facts of The 757: The Battle of Gr...

Weird fact about Chesapeake: We hosted a battle for 30 minutes, and our only casualty was a sore thumb.

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State Articles
What the Current State of Emergency Mean...

Chaotic demonstrations this week in the nation's capital led to a 6 p.m. curfew and a state of emergency declaration. Mayor Muriel Bowser has extended the readiness status for two more weeks and here is how it will affect D.C. residents.

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The Ultimate Virginia Bucket List

Virginia has so much to see and do! Here are our top picks for your Virginia bucket list.

Recipe: 'Watergate Salad'—and a Bit of D...

Watergate Salad is best known for its pastel green color and its curious name. Is there really a link between it and the infamous D.C. scandal?

The History of Virginia's State Bird and...

This article explains how state symbols are chosen, and the history behind Virginia's state bird and flower.

Local Culture
Major DC Road Closures Announced Throughout the Week

There will be extensive road closures and parking restrictions around the U.S. Capitol, National Mall, and the White House from January 5–7.

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5 Things They Don't Tell You About DC an...

Traffic is the one topic anyone from the DMV can agree on—just bring up the Beltway and you'll get an immediate eye roll.

Local Culture
12 Very Virginia Products to Help You Be...

From bedding to ham, we've identified 12 Virginia products that will boost your state pride and help you become a better Virginian overall.

Local Culture
Virginia Dream Homes: A Vienna Forest Getaway for $3.39M

Location, location, location! Imagine getting away from it all on your own 5-acre estate just minutes from the city, in beautiful Vienna, Virginia.

Real Estate
7 Pretty Accurate Stereotypes of People ...

Socialite? Smartypants? Hipster? You can probably name off at least a person or two who fits each of these D.C. stereotypes. Enjoy.

Local Culture
The New Year Rings in Early Due to 10 PM...

Most bars and restaurants are celebrating early, some are getting creative, none of them will be selling booze past 10 p.m.

Local News
DC to Target Bad Drivers With Text Messages

A new traffic initiative will send text messages to drivers that run red lights and speed in the District.

Local News
Virginia Dream Homes: A Virginia Beach H...

This week's featured listing is any equestrian's dream come true. Imagine a sprawling mansion and your own impeccable stables, all on over 70 acres of land.

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National Articles
'Spencer': First Look at Kristen Stewart...

Actress Kristen Stewart is taking on the role of Princess Diana in a new film, "Spencer." The first photo of Stewart as the Princess of Wales has been released by producers, and the "Twilight"​​​​​​​ actress is nearly unrecognizable.

VIDEO: This Sea Shanty Cover of a Taylor...

A sea shanty is a song that sailors sang together while working on a ship, and typically has solos, choruses, and a deep, steady beat throughout. The U.S. Navy Band covers Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together," sea shanty-style.

Target 'Drops the Monkey on Its Back' By Pulling Chaokoh Coconut ...

With allegations of monkey labor harvesting coconuts for Chaokoh's coconut milk, Target stops selling the product. Yes, monkey labor.

Detroit-Style Pizza Is Now Available at ...

The limited-run pies come in four distinct varieties, including Detroit Double Pepperoni.

Products & Promotions
Top 5 Tips to Make Your Staycation Memor...

It doesn't have to be difficult to transform your home into an oasis. Try these tips to enjoy a special vacation ... at home.

Dungeons & Dragons Released Its Very Own Cookbook: 'Heroes' Feast...

Looking for the perfect gift for a D&D gamer? Your search is over. This new cookbook will WOW your gamer friends ... and their stomachs.

This Art Educator Embroiders Tiny Art Pi...

Instagram account "Tiny Art History" uses embroidered cross-stitch pieces of classical art to teach art history. Learn how you can create your own "teeny tiny living room art museum."

Recipe: Grilled Vegetable Chopped Salad

This simple cooked salad will be a lifesaver on your busy days. It's easy to make (indoors or outdoors) and tasty enough to have all week.

14 Facts You May Not Have Known About Valentine's Day!

We browsed the internet to deliver you these 14 interesting Valentine’s Day Facts about the holiday. So, grab some chocolate and a glass of wine, and let’s get this list started …

Local Culture
Sorry, Football Fans—No Budweiser Commer...

It will be the first time since 1983 the beverage will not make an appearance. Budweiser as well as other large corporations will be on the sidelines of Super Bowl LV.

VIDEO: Watch as Bear Chases After Skier

I don't think they cover this in ski school. What would you do if a bear was right on your tail as you headed down the slope?

New Music Review: Top 5 Songs Released January 17–24

It's our weekly music review: 5 new songs released; 5 new songs reviewed. Check out our reviews and see if there are any new songs to add to your playlist.

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