Mercedes G500 Off-Road Build | G Wagon Build Walkthrough | OCN Rigs

Mercedes G500 Off-Road Build | G Wagon Build Walkthrough | OCN Rigs

OCN Rigs

The Mercedes Benz G-Class, better known as the G Wagon, was originally developed for military use starting in the early ’70s. The civilian version was later offered in 1979, and since then has offered various options from 2 doors to 4 doors.
Like other military-style vehicles we’ve featured, the Hummer Slant Back and Defender, these quickly gained popularity and warrant production of a civilian variant. The issue from there is keeping it alive through the generations as market demand changes and mass-produced models become more lucrative. The G Wagon has weathered the changes better than the Hummer and Defender by adding necessary safety upgrades, but keeping the rugged style that makes them so unique and attractive.
Today, we’re showing you Allen’s G500. These vehicles are very capable off-road and even come triple-locked from the factory. Allen wheels his hard, and has built out to be even more capable and camp ready off the grid. G Wagon’s off-road capability makes it a more than worthy platform for expedition-style build. Earlier models of the G Wagon are proving to be reliable vehicles and Allen has well over 200k on his, with the original driveline still intact.
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