Early Ford Bronco Restoration | 1968 Ford Bronco Ride and Drive | OCN Rigs

Early Ford Bronco Restoration | 1968 Ford Bronco Ride and Drive | OCN Rigs

OCN Rigs

Early Ford Bronco’s have become a cornerstone in the automotive world that have captured the attention of both classic car collectors and off-roaders. For car collectors, the Bronco can still be a weekend blacktop cruiser, and a true museum on wheels. For avid off-roaders, classic Bronco’s are more than capable off-road and when built out, are a great vehicle to hit the trails with. The demand for these has sent classic Bronco values through the roof over the past few years. Just last weekend at the Mecum auction in Houston, a 1974 Bronco brought in $71,000. Although a decent amount of these were made, a lot of them were used as work trucks or ranch trucks, and left to rust in barns or fields across the U.S. However, plenty of restoration outfits have emerged over the years that specialize in Bronco restorations and are doing the Lord’s work in bringing these beauties back to life. In this video, we’ll introduce you to Vince and his 1968 Ford Bronco. Vince’s grandfather bought the vehicle brand new in 1968 from Phil Long Ford in Colorado Springs. He worked various jobs and used it as a true work truck, hauling everything from hay and coal, to mail and kids. He drove it until quite literally it stopped. It then sat for a while in a field before being passed to Vince and his father. That is until around 3 years ago, Vince dug the Bronco out of the weeds and dirt and brought it up to his home in Denver to begin the restoration process. Little by little, Vince brought the beast back to life, wrenching in his garage and creating more generational memories with his 8 year old son. Other than a few modern adjustments to the vehicle, Vince kept the Bronco near stock to keep that classic look and glory it once had years ago when his grandfather drove it off the lot. Enjoy this in depth look at a true classic with a backstory that brings this old Ford Bronco to life.
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