Here are some helpful tips for a memorable and fun visit to the State Fair of Texas

It's really really big and it runs really, really long... it's The State Fair of Texas.  At first, it can be pretty intimidating. 

You fight the traffic, find parking where you can, and then wait in line to get in.  But once you're in, what's next?  Without a plan, you will likely miss seeing some things that you wanted and run out of time by running back and forth.

First off,  get yourself a copy of the 2019 State Fair of Texas Visitors Guide.  This is available either on-line or as a paper copy at the fair.  A lot of useful information is in the guide including:

1) The State Fair Map

With the map, you always know where you are and where you're going.  You can mark off the areas that are most interesting for you to visit and then travel the shortest and most efficient route to get to those events and exhibits.

2) What's New This Year?

The mighty Mike show is very entertaining.  I especially like watching him juggle bowling balls.

mighty mike texas state fair juggling bowling balls

You may also be interested in Splashdance featuring dancers and acrobats, TX Stunt Jam with BMX, scooters, and skateboards or Contain Yourself in the area around the Lagoon which is transformed into a selfie stroll with shipping containers and one-of-a-kind artwork.

3) No Cash is Accepted, You Are Going to Need Coupons

Coupons are the method of payment for your food et al.  There are self-service electronic booths as well as booths with cashiers to get your tickets.  One of the best deals is bottled water, which requires only two coupons.

4) Some Regular Fair Favorites

The U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps, Farmer Mike the Pumpkin Carver, Chevrolet Ride & Drive and the Chainsaw Carver are just a few.

5) For the Children

Make a visit to the Home on the Range Barnyard and Little Hands on the Farm.  Kids can get up close and personal with the animals.

6) Family Fun

There are a LOT of things for the family, including, but not limited to the Pee Wee Stampede and Rodeo, Backyard Circus, Buford Buzzard, Kid's Pedal Tractor Pulls, and Wade Henry and Charlie the Unipony.

7) LOTS of Live Music

There are an absolute ton of performers scheduled for live music.  A lot of the live music is FREE (included with your Fair Admission price) so please check the State fair music schedule for performers, times and what's free of charge.  Take note that there are several stages that may have live music going at the same time, including the Chevrolet Main Stage, Bud Light Stage, Dr. Pepper Stage, and Texas Monthly Stage.

8) FOOD.  How Could We Forget Food???

The State Fair Judges have given the following awards:


Ruth's Stuffed Fried Taco Cone 

Ruth's Tamales (MLK-26 & CBP-16)


Big Red Chicken Bread

Smokey John's BBQ

(FW-37 & N-16)


Fla'mango Tango

Ranchero Deep Fried Love (G-45) & Ranchero Norteno (TB-14)

My personal favorite was the brisket tacos with homemade hot sauce!

What would a visit to the State Fair of Texas be without seeing big Tex?  He's really tall and easy to find, possibly Texas's best landmark.

Plan your trip and have a great time. The Fair runs until October 20th, so you can always go back for another visit!