High heels have proven to be my Achilles' heel.

Welcome to "Two Weeks Without," where Yours Truly goes without an item for a certain amount of time and reports back with the possible benefits (or disadvantages) of that particular item. This time, I went without wearing sensible shoes.

All right, ladies and gentlemen, these past two weeks I avoided sensible shoes. I boxed up my comfy shoes and wore heels as often as I could. How often? Well, I tried wearing them everywhere but the gym. I did this to see how difficult it truly is to be one of those amazing women (and men) with a love for all things heels. You know, the independent working people of the world. The ones who make retail shopping look as relaxing as a yoga class. Not all heroes wear capes; some wear red-bottoms. 

Here is a secret about me: I have weak ankles. I know, I sound like Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove. And this is honestly why I don't dance or run sprints often. But yes, my ankles pop like some people's knuckles do. It's bad. So I tend to avoid shoes that are more difficult to walk in: like heels.

Courtesy of Pinterest.com

What did I wear?

Jeans with heels, a dress with heels, everything (and you guessed it) with heels. I have three pairs of heels – one black pair and two brown pairs. In the first couple of days, I went to the grocery store and realized I had to wear heels. To be perfectly honest, I got some weird looks, and walking around a grocery store in heels takes a lot longer than walking around it in sneakers. I attended a few events during these two weeks, other than working a couple of days. I went to a bridal shower and lunch with my family. It was fun to see the reactions of my friends and family when I wore heels in situations where I don't usually.

What did two weeks of heels feel like?

It feels like pain. The mornings were fine. However, by three in the afternoon, I wanted to yank the things off my feet and walk around like a flower child of the 1970s. Just barefoot and happy. I do not know how these business women do it five days a week all year long. Or how celebrities do it every day of their lives. 

Courtesy of JayRhoads Photography

The pros of wearing heels:

You almost always look fantastic! Heels upgrade any wardrobe choices. A good pair of heels can make someone feel confident in any social situation. I felt more powerful when wearing heels, and equally more graceful and professional.

The cons of wearing heels:

I had to take smaller steps. Running was no longer an option. Sore feet and legs were constant. I had to work extremely hard not to fall flat on my face on a regular basis. I thought I was a strong woman until I had to buy dog food in three-inch heels. Yikes, that was an experience! 

Would I be someone who wore nothing but heels after this two-week experiment? Probably not. I would like to wear them more often than I do now. But after these past two weeks, I will be embracing the sneaker life.

Are you a heel person or a flats/sneakers person? What else should I try in this OCN series? Let us know in the comments, and stop back by in two weeks when I tell you how I managed with intermittent fasting.