Have cardboard, will create. 

We all need something that makes us "ooh" and "ahhh," as well as giggle these days, and John Marshall has risen to that challenge. His "Sunset Selfies" have gained quite a following during the pandemic, and for good reason. His artistic skills, as well as great captions, really set the scene for entertainment. 

John Marshall shark
"I almost never ask for directions. But when I finally admitted I was lost to a local down on the beach, he actually offered to give me a ride."

"As a writer and a filmmaker, I like to get away from the computer each day and make something with my hands. So I get a big piece of cardboard, draw something, cut it out fast with a knife and scissors, then go pose with it at sunset. I call them Sunset Selfies. Each one comes with a caption that makes them more like single-panel cartoons, and I hope you like them. See you at sunset!" Marshall wrote in an article he shared with Bored Panda

Marshall has posed with cardboard creations of all kinds, including famous characters, presidents, and animals.  

Check out a few more of his pieces, including captions that he wrote for each, below! If you love these as much as I do, you can follow him on his Instagram page to see more of his creations. He also provides more photos and an interesting view of how he does it in an earlier article published by Bored Panda

john marshall safari
"When Impala Safari promises 'Up Close Nature Tours,' they are not kidding."

John Marshall ET
"Look at us," I said. “We're lost in the woods. It's almost dark. Whose idea was it to take this stupid hike anyway?" 

John Marshall abduction
"Of all the days to take my cow for a ride, I had to choose this one."

john marshall birds
"I'd never really given it much thought… but tonight, as my brothers chirped on and on about their favorite kind of worm and my sisters pecked mites out of their feathers, the idea occurred to me that perhaps I'd been adopted."

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