The new sculpture will encourage exploration. 

A new eco-retreat and art park is coming to south Denver, and it already has some well-established artists lined up to help make it a magical place. 

Ursa Major is a planned, immersive sculpture by artist Tigre Bailando (Dancing Tiger) that represents the mother bear spirit and the constellation of the same name. Bailando is well-known in the art world, creating large scale installations, murals, sculptures, and performance art. Bailando has made many transformative pieces in art festivals, receiving an Honorarium Grant from Burning Man after creating the interactive sculpture The Solacii, which is on display in Freemont, California.

Tigre Bailando
The artist Tigre Bailando at work. Courtesy of Tigre Bailando:: Arte Vida (Facebook)

Bailando has created a series of Branch Beasts—totemic creations built from reclaimed wood and other materials gathered from the wild—that represent animal spirits and folklore of where they're located. These beings represent the ancestral roots of who we are, animal and human, and celebrating the energies that came before. 

Ursa Major will be centered around bear energy, the animals whose natural habitat surrounds the 145 acres that are planned to open as the Everland Eco-Retreat & Immersive Art Park.

“The piece I’ve conceived for this first phase of the project is Ursa Major, a monumental totemic sculpture of a mama bear, sharing her deep earth wisdom with the next generation. Like many of my works, this piece is grounded in the imperative to teach and learn from each other how to better steward the world we’ve created towards a more equitable and life-affirming paradigm.”

Bailando’s work is often temporary, massive works of art meant to be eventually taken apart; however, Ursa Major will remain a permanent structure for all to enjoy and explore for years to come. The sculpture will show how bears are both caregivers and protectors, teachers, and embody the energy of the animal.

The artist currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Everland is planned to be a fusion of immersive art and nature, a place of open exploration and a space of recreation, co-creation, and imagination. Construction on the full retreat is planned to start this fall, and Everland hopes to be open to public visitors sometime in the summer of 2021. With a beautiful boho-chic retreat center already built, Everland currently offers limited private retreats at the site located about 50 minutes south of Denver near Sedalia.

We love the idea of an eco-retreat and look forward to seeing all the amazing art that's created at Everland. How about you, what do you think about an eco-retreat? Have you seen the artist Tigre Bailando’s work before? Let us know in the comments.