An international artist comes to Silverthorne to create unique and massive works of art in the snow. 

Each snowflake is unique, and these particular snowflakes up near Silverthorne are unlike any we've seen before. International artist Simon Beck is using snow as his medium and creating some massive and one-of-a-kind snow murals near the town of Silverthorne. The massive murals of intricate snowflakes are constructed with the help of volunteers and some clever use of snowshoes.

Beck will be in the area until January 16, creating different works of art around the area. He began his work in Silverthorne on January 2, creating a giant snowflake mural at North Pond Park.

On Friday, January 3, Beck began work on a second mural on the field at Maryland Creek Park and completed it during the First Friday event held that evening. Over the weekend, Beck headed to the banks of Lake Dillion for his next work, and on Saturday, January 4, Beck and a group of 10 local volunteers began work on the third mural. However, heavy winds erased the work overnight. The winds were too strong Sunday to get back out, so Beck will return to work when the weather permits. He may or may not return to the same location, that is yet to be decided, as are the future locations of the other murals he will create in Silverthorne during his time there. He may stick around in Colorado a little longer beyond that; details yet to come.

Due to heavy winds overnight, Simon Beck's snow mural was erased from Lake Dillon. Beck is unable to complete the drawing on Lake Dillon and is taking Sunday, January 5 off from creating. Stay tuned for more information on his mural locations this coming week.

— Town of Silverthorne (@SilverthorneCO) January 5, 2020

Beck is an Oxford engineering graduate and map maker, as well as an internationally known artist, who has been creating massive works of art out of snow and sand for the last several years. His carefully planned and plotted works are measured out with a rope, and then meticulously created by carefully placed footsteps. For the snow art, the artist and his helpers wear snowshoes, an create the geometric designs step-by-step. The work takes days to complete and the art lasts for just a short time, subject to destruction by the elements.

So far, Beck has created around 300 of the giant pieces around the world since 2004. Head over to his Facebook page to check out his process and learn about the artist, as well as see some of his other works.

Have you seen any of these amazing pieces of snow art? Let us know what you think, and share any pictures you have of the snow art in the comments below.