Baltimore artist Eljay McBride is inviting school administrators, teachers, and parents to purchase literary art to promote reading, learning, and literacy

Eljay McBride says he first became inspired to create literary art to promote reading, learning, and literacy, as well as to help people become more aware of who they really are.

So, in 2002, the Baltimore artist created the Librarian Girl painting, followed by Journey Through History in 2016. Both 18” x 24”, the prints of these two paintings have been purchased by libraries in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. Now his goal is to promote, circulate, and sell his literary art to other libraries and schools throughout the United States.

“My belief is basically that we learn from different cultures and get a better understanding of who we are and what we really need, by learning the way other cultures live,” McBride explained.

The 2017 International Literary Association report states that students who read independently—choosing books on their own and reading them alone—have a higher rate of academic success than those who do not read independently.

Librarian Girl painting

"Librarian Girl," created by artist Eljay McBride. Photo courtesy of

And as such, Librarian Girl is a beautiful, detailed painting of a young girl sitting at a desk in a library and reading. She is surrounded by numerous books. Above her, on top of the bookshelf sits a pyramid and world globe. She is illuminated with a glow from above, that seems to be coming from the window.

“The glow around the girl is about the spiritual aspect of her gaining certain types of knowledge that will evolve her into a different being. Whereby her learning and absorbing knowledge is stabilizing her more spiritually in terms of who she really is, and her purpose,” McBride says.

boy reading

"Journey Through History" literary art.  Photo courtesy of

Journey Through History depicts a young boy sitting and reading. In the background are shelves of books, as well as a girl and another boy sitting at a desk and studying together. To the left of the boy is a large window and a daytime city scene with skyscrapers and a large, dual-span bridge over water.

“In this painting, the boy is doing research. He wanted to learn more about himself and his culture, so he goes to the library. The boy is radiant and glows. He holds his head and thinks deeply as he reads a book,” says McBride.

With the beginning of the school year underway, McBride believes this is the perfect time to invite school administrators, teachers, and parents to purchase the Librarian Girl and Journey Through History prints for their school libraries, classrooms, offices, homes, and study areas. Each print costs $35 through his website. He is kicking off a national marketing campaign to get the word out there.

McBride is an accomplished artist who began creating and painting art at the tender age of 4. Since then, he has created hundreds of original fine art paintings, many of which have been mass-produced as prints. Some of his artwork categories include spiritual, jazz, historic, children’s, and portraits, and have been purchased by a variety of entities and individuals.

McBride currently resides in Columbia, Maryland. For more information about McBride's art, email him at [email protected] or visit his website.