The Colorado Ballet has performed The Nutcracker production for nearly 59 years, and they're in desperate need of new costumes.

The Colorado Ballet'sThe Nutcracker will be opening its 59th production of the beloved story on November 30. Over the years, The Nutcracker has become a holiday tradition for not only the ballet company itself, but for many Coloradans as well. And while rehearsals are underway for the 2019 production, the company is hoping for a change in honor of the 60th anniversary next year, in the form of new costumes and sets.

Currently, the costumes and sets being used were crafted for the San Francisco Ballet back in 1986, but then in 2005, the Colorado Ballet acquired them. This means that they've been in use by the Colorado company for close to 15 years. And one can only imagine the amount of work it takes to upkeep and maintain the 33-year-old costumes, which have sustained significant wear and tear over the years.

In fact, the Colorado Ballet has resorted to using vodka to draw out sweat stains and even a large amount of glue and tape to keep the costumes held together. For many years, the performers have made do and kept the costumes together, however they can, to put on a beautiful show. One of the outfits that's sustained quite a bit of damage is the Rat King costume; it's so worn and threadbare that dancers must wear protective eyewear to prevent fragments and little flakes of the material in their eyes.

The sets are also outdated and starting to crumble with age. The Land of Sweets, for example, is always in need of repairs.

“The Nutcracker sets - there is a lot of repair work that goes into them. They are so old that a wing will rip and after rehearsal, the stage crew will have to take the wing downstairs into the shop and sew for a few hours to put it back together. It’s just that fragile," said Gil Boggs, Artistic Director.

The Colorado Ballet company would like to "keep the magic alive" and infuse new energy into the show with new sets and costumes. This is where you come in.

Through a GoFundMe campaign started by the ballet, its goal is to raise $100,000 of the $2.5 million it will cost to replace the costumes and sets. The Colorado Ballet is working with designers on the new scenery and wardrobe changes. Costumes will be designed in the same classic Victorian style they currently use, and the show itself will remain unchanged.

The ballet would like to have the new sets and costumes completed in time for the 2020 show. So far, they have received $4,867 in donations, at the time of this writing. Donations made are 100 percent tax-deductible.

Will you donate to the Colorado Ballet to help keep the magic of The Nutcracker alive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.