Drive-by theatre concept brings live performances back to the streets of Denver.

Denver is known for its thriving theatre scene, most of which have been shuttered, canceled, or postponed for the time being. One experimental theatre company is not ready to call it quits just yet and has come up with a new idea for how to bring live theatre back to the city of Denver. 

The minds at Control Group Productions have been working to find a way to bring live performance back. Its latest show, CAVALCADE!, is a contagion-proof in-person/in-car performance experience:

“This uniquely structured performance celebrates culture and community in the face of the current crisis, and reflects the innovation of our creative industries as we find new ways to come together in this difficult time. Lasting from pre-sunset through full dark, the event takes guests on a dream-like journey through familiar neighborhoods and hidden corners of Denver. The event creates a bubble of alternate reality around the caravan, in an artistic experience thoroughly embedded in the fabric of our city.”

Performances will take place outside or in the big windows of buildings along a nine-mile route. The audience can watch from their cars and listen in on an FM radio channel, which will be provided upon purchase of a ticket.

man in horse mask holding umbrella
Performer Bailey Harper as Horse, photo credit Nicholas Caputo, via Control Group Productions (Facebook)

Only eight vehicles will be permitted for each performance, to keep in line with the city of Denver’s public and private space usage guidelines. It will be an “immersive caravan plus multi-site performance experience for audiences in cars” that will invite audience members to disembark when invited. Those who may want to do so are asked to wear face coverings and closed-toe shoes. 

Tickets went on sale on May 15. The show runs June 5-25 and is offering preview performances on June 3-4, with showtimes correlating with the sunset.

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