Local artists bring the Colorado health environment and community to life through artistic expression in 8 new murals across the state.

Back in July, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) announced it was seeking Colorado-based artists for a statewide mural program. The motivation behind the project is to raise awareness about public health and inspire people to become more involved. Artists from across the state applied to be included in the project, and in total, 8 artists were chosen.

The artists selected for the project have already gotten to work and the first of the 8 murals has been completed.

Painted by artist Emanuel Martinez, the mural Save the World is located at the Frasier Valley Shopping Center. The mural portrays individuals of all nationalities and races working together to fight global warming. This is the first of the murals to be completed; all 8 are expected to be done by December 3, 2019.

8 murals in denver state health department

Emanual Martinez in front of one of his previous murals, courtesy of the Emanuel Project (Facebook)

The other 7 artists and locations chosen are:

  • Kristen Carpenter, Otero Country Courthouse in Otero County
  • Mario Cocchiarelli-Berger, Walsenburg
  • Brian Elyo, Knobhill Neighborhood in Colorado Springs
  • Robyn Frances, Glenarm Recreation Center in Denver
  • Heleen Koekemoer, Evergreen
  • Matte Refic, Arkansas River Levee in Pueblo
  • Seth Weber, Colorado Discover Ability Center in Grand Junction

All of the 8 artists chosen have lived in Colorado for at least five years and each mural is expected to last for a period of five years.

This project, among others, is part of the CDPHE's effort to connect with the community and bring people together in awareness of the health environment in local Colorado communities. The project is funded by a $25,000 Arts in Society grant awarded to the CDPHE by Redline Contemporary Arts Center. 

Deborah Monaghan, CDPHE’s Interim Director of the Office of Planning, Partnerships, and Improvement, said this regarding the project in a press release:

“It’s so much fun to see public health priorities come to life through art. The issues we work on affect real people in real ways and these artists can help bring us together to find solutions.” 

We always love to see and hear about local artists connecting with the community and helping to make Colorado the diverse colorful place we know and call home. What do you think about the new mural? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.