The new street mural is intended to "evoke feelings of comfort and harmony."

A giant mural project is underway in Denver, and the final product is going to be a massive painting that will soon be the biggest piece of street art in the city. 

“Interwoven” is expected to take about two weeks to complete, with local artists working on it since Wednesday, May 27. It will take up the stretch of road on Bannock Street between 14th Avenue on Colfax Avenue and encompass 28,680 square feet. More than 200 gallons of special paint will be used to bring the mural to life!

"Interwoven" is the brainchild of local artists Pat Milbery and Andre Rodriguez of So-Gnar Creative Division, who are known for their large bright artwork and murals. The mural itself features a giant pinwheel and sundial at the center with a tapestry-like design that incorporates different panels and designs that represent the Colorado mountains, sunsets, Native cultures, and diverse community. It's intended to "evoke feelings of comfort and harmony" in the Denver community.

“We are extremely excited to watch this mural unfold, particularly at this time when our city is dealing with COVID-19,” said Mayor Michael B. Hancock. “The artwork will lift our spirits, remind us to celebrate life, and maintain hope in a healthy future that allows us to physically come together as a community again.”

The area was closed in April to create a public gathering space and will reopen in mid-June when the project is complete. The mural is part of a larger phased project to create a community area in the heart of the city, which plans to add tree planters and maintain existing sidewalk areas and bike lanes. No tables, chairs, umbrellas, or trees will be installed until the city deems social gatherings safe again.

“Interwoven” is being funded by the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Denver Parks Department; the project costs about $20,000. 

The completion of this giant mural to Denver will be a beautiful and welcome addition to the city. Did you know this big art project was in the works? Sound off in the comments below.