L.A.-based Very Gay Paint "paint(s) things in a way that is very gay." 

If you thought painting geometric murals was one thing and being gay was another, it's okay—it's a common misconception. But it's the 21st century, and Instagram account @verygaypaint is here to enlighten us. Paint? Gay. The act of painting? Very gay. Also, it turns out that "every shape is gay. All of them (not rectangles)." 

As L.A.-based business/painting/romantic partners Jenson Titus and Nicholas Scheppard "entirely factually" quote on their Instagram:

"If a man wants to start a gay mural company with his same-sex lover and they get really popular on Instagram, that is good. I really like that & that should be allowed in America” -Joe Biden, 2012.

In another celebrity "endorsement," Very Gay Paint quotes Einstein

"Albert Einstein once defined insanity as 'you boys keep painting your gay little murals and posting them to your gay little Instagram over and over again and that’s actually awesome.'”

The couple's popular Instagram account proves just how very gay (and very cool) mural painting is!

With captions like "Try guys? Don’t mind if we do!" and "Tap dancing is just a gay person telling a juicy story in Morse code," Very Gay Paint makes a very good case for murals being very gay. Their colorful murals are also just good, old-fashioned interior design eye candy. 

(As big Dua fans, we can confirm.)

Love their very gay murals? Follow them on Instagram, or buy their Very Gay! Candle—which "smells likes it's 'just a phase.'" If their murals and captions have you feeling very, very gay, you can even "get your walls gay-ed" by making a Booking Inqueery at their website, after which they'll get you "your very own, very gay quote."

Which of these designs is your favorite? Are other painting mediums also "very gay"? Sound off in the comments.