Wonder how long it took the artist to make the invisible piece?

Filed under people who have too much money for their own good, someone out there just dropped nearly $20,000 on a sculpture that is literally air ... or "air and spirit," as the artist explains.

I'd like to invite that buyer to purchase my "invisible" mansion for a few million dollars. Sheesh

Italian artist Salvatore Garau explains his work, named Buddha in Contemplation, as more of a "vacuum" that exists but not in material form. 

"The vacuum is nothing more than a space full of energy, and even if we empty it and there is nothing left, according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, that ‘nothing’ has a weight. Therefore, it has energy that is condensed and transformed into particles, that is, into us. Much like how we shape a god we’ve never seen,” he was reported as saying by hypebeast.com

And here is the said "sculpture." Sit back and really enjoy the visuals of this masterpiece ... oh, wait:

Garau says that his work is meant to inspire imagination, but insists it is real. He even provided a certificate of authentication to the buyer. 

I wonder if he would take invisible money as payment for his next invisible sculpture? "I promise this chunk of money exists just not in material form."

He also provided strict conditions on how the sculpture should be displayed. The piece is supposed to be displayed in a 5-foot by 5-foot square and must be displayed in a private space free from obstructions where lighting and climate control are not required. You know, because there is only a specific way to display nothing in an attempt to make it something. 

There are some hilarious comments on the artist's social media posts about the piece. People either loved it or hated it. 

"I have the same sculpture in my backyard and will sell it for $17,500 along with some lovely garments belonging to an emperor!" said one Instagram user.

"I have 5 of these in my house, any takers? US$9000 each(worldwide shipping inclusive) 😎," said another. 

What do you think? Is it art? Is it a total scam? Or is it somewhere in between? Let us know in the comments!