The famous Santa Fe art exhibit will soon have a permanent home near Colfax Avenue.

Coloradans have been patiently waiting for the opening of Meow Wolf in Denver. Finally, the wait is coming to an end and the permanent art exhibit will open its doors between the viaducts of Colfax Avenue and Interstate 25.

Meow Wolf has announced the plans to open the elaborate 90,000-square-foot location in the fall of 2021. However, it has not yet announced an exact date.

In a press statement, Meow Wolf shared that "the shell has been built, and the gooey interior being filled with interactive art from more than 110 local artists, alongside partner artists, and artists from our own Meow Wolf team."

The team also conspicuously tweeted on April 28: "Denver is really pretty in the fall."

The art project was first announced in 2018. Since then, hundreds of artists and workers have labored to create an immersive interactive art exhibition. Other sites in Denver were considered for the exhibit, according to a news release from Meow Wolf back in 2018. However, the arts production company eventually felt the Colfax Avenue site was the ideal spot.

The New Mexico-based company is made up of more than 200 artists. This includes architecture, sculpture, video, painting, photography, music, augmented reality, writing, performance, and more. Together, they combine their skills to create an immersive artistic space that transcends from reality to a fantastic realm.

Meow Wolf's original exhibit opened up in Santa Fe in 2008. Its "House of Eternal Return" has received over 1 million visitors since then.

The new Denver location will be three times the size of the exhibition in Santa Fe.

Meow Wolf expects to announce soon a specific date for the opening. For more information on the art exhibition and the date announcement, you can sign up for Meow Wolf's e-mail newsletter to be notified.

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