Museums are engaged in a heated battle over who has the best booty art.

In most situations, it's highly discouraged to share butt pictures online; however, a new social media battle is asking for just that. 

The Yorkshire Museum in England recently launched the social media challenge, daring other museums to share their best examples of art portraying a butt. The results are nothing short of fascinating!

Here's the original challenge post:

Museum curators are a snappy bunch and responded in kind. The results are simply amazing and eye-opening. We had no idea there was that much interest in the art world for recreating a backside. Who knew?

That glossy bum will definitely get someone's attention.

And this one.

That is one big glorious bum:

Those boots!

Presenting the best bums in London!

The burgeoning bottom of Henry VIII.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science reminds us that there are all sizes, species, and ages of bums. 

That's quite the collection.

Oh, that's cheeky.

That is a healthy example. 

Well played, kids. Well played. 

Okay, one more!

This challenge might take one down some crazy internet rabbit holes, and to be totally honest we could do this all day. Who wants to work when there is this to look at? 

What bum is your favorite? Check out the full Twitter feed for more pics, some of which were a tad too risque to post here! (This is a family site, people!)