New mural on Colfax Ave. pays tribute to medical workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic. 

Denver may not be experiencing its usual hustle and bustle, but that has not stopped life in the Mile High City from moving along. An interesting way we can see that life is continuing forward is through the brand new art that has started to pop up along the city’s empty streets. Denver is no stranger to murals, as the city has many painted throughout the metro area by local artists. 

One of these new murals has been painted along the corner of Colfax and Williams near Cheesman Park, and it has a special message. The mural was painted by local artist Austin Zucchini-Fowler and depicts a female subject dressed in medical scrubs wearing a mask over her mouth and nose. She has angel wings and boxing gloves, showing the fight these front line medical workers are taking on every day as they work to treat COVID-19 patients. 

The artist has family members working in the medical field, his two brothers are doctors and his sisters-in-law are nurses. He wanted to honor them, as well as the countless others who he doesn’t know personally but who work tirelessly every day. 

In an interview with local news FOX31, Zucchini-Fowler said he wanted to show his appreciation to the healthcare workers, and give everyone a little beauty to look at. 

“Anybody in the medical field right now is going into work and putting their medical gloves on battling this COVID-19,” he said. “And also with the wings there I really just wanted to show how incredible these humans are going into work every day and fighting this thing.” 

The mural is there for anyone who passes by to see, and it's both a tribute to the medical field’s hard work and a testament to the art scene in Denver, thriving despite the challenges of a global pandemic. We love that, in the face of all this uncertainly, art lives on, creativity is blossoming, and the human spirit is strong.

Our thanks to Zucchini-Fowler for sharing his art with the community, You can follow him on Instagram @austinzart to see some of his other works. 

What do you think about the new murals popping up around Denver and the tribute Zucchini-Fowler created to the medical community? Do you enjoy the brightness and beauty they bring to the city? Give us the scoop in the comments.