The permanent art project Night Lights Denver will lighten up the weekend nights at 16th Street Mall.

Night Lights Denver debuted its permanent installation on the Daniels and Fisher Tower on Thursday, November 7, at 16th Street Mall. The projection mapping installation is a technical and artistic project that will continue to tell Denver's visitors and residents that the city is at the forefront of innovative art.

The project, which is also lovingly called the People's Projector, is a collaboration between the Denver Theater District (DTD) and Downtown Denver Partnership, alongside Display Devices. At the heart of it, the collaborators envision Night Lights Denver as an opportunity to exhibit Denver's art scene at Downton on a more permanent basis.

Night Lights Denver

Courtesy of Night Lights Denver (website)

DTD has approached projection mapping in a new way. While it has normally been used as a temporary installation or as a tool for advertisements, Night Lights Denver will be a permanent addition to the 16th Street Mall. And it's not intended for advertisement purposes. Instead, its purpose is to exhibit a blend of art and technology and create a new medium for Denver's art scene.

The mapping projection project was custom-made to fit the tower, seamlessly integrating architecture, art, and technology. The integration was executed with 10 projectors expertly aligned about a block away. The projection of multiple images at once will appear to viewers as one single video stream.

While the new installation on the clocktower will be permanent, Night Lights Denver will feature monthly rotations of the art that will be displayed. For its opening weekend, it will show the work of three artists, including the international artist collective Limelight, who created the introductory projection. Local conceptual artist Joel Swanson will also exhibit a series of his artwork, and finally, the British illustrator Sofie Birkin, in a collaboration with Vincent Comparetto, will provide an animated love letter to her wife that is also an homage to Denver.

Night Lights Denver's home is on the Daniels & Fisher Tower, located at 1601 Arapahoe St. on the 16th Street Mall. The mapping projection will be on for anyone to see every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. For more information on Night Lights Denver, visit their website here.

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