Snoopy and his pals are here to spread some cheer!

The iconic Peanuts comic by Charles Schulz celebrated its 70th anniversary earlier this month and marked the occasion by donating murals to children’s hospitals across the world. Peanuts Worldwide, the company that represents the characters of Snoopy, Woodstock, and Charlie Brown, has partnered with the Foundation for Hospital Art to bring art to children in hospitals.

“Take Care With Peanuts” is bringing 70 murals to child patients on six continents to help make hospitals a less scary place. Each mural is four-feet, eight-inches wide and four-feet, one-inch high. The murals arrive at the hospitals in six panels and come with smocks, 13 colors of paint, and brushes—patients and hospital staff and doctors are encouraged to paint the murals. Each is in an easy paint-by-number format, with each finished mural showing Snoopy and Woodstock laughing together on top of Snoopy’s red doghouse.


The widow of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, Jeannie Schulz, hopes the murals will lessen the fear associated with being in the hospital.

“If you can have a little bit of levity, a little smile, we know that lowers your blood pressure. It's almost as good as patting a dog,” Schulz said. 

Each participating hospital can place the murals wherever they see fit. Hospitals from Denver to Laos are participating; see the full list here

Schulz introduced the world to the Peanuts gang on October 2, 1950, and the simple comic strip has become an iconic classic, with shows, movies, and tons of merchandise. Peanuts Worldwide continues to produce new television shows, lesson plans, and other content available on its website and social media and streaming platforms.

Check out this preview below of The Snoopy Show, coming to Apple TV in February 2021:

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