Illinois siblings go on amazing adventures with a little help from some chalk!

With many kids stuck at home, a little creativity is needed to keep them occupied. But there's certainly no lack of creativity at the Everett's house. 

Fourteen-year-old Macaire Everett, of Libertyville, Illinois, began drawing some epic scenes of various places around the world in the family’s front yard with sidewalk chalk so that her little brother, Camden, 9, could "travel."

The result is an almost daily upload of a new setting, all depicted in chalk, with Camden taking a grand adventure!

The whole thing started as a fun way to spend some time together, and the designs just kept getting more and more detailed. After a few drawings, they decided to try and draw for 100 days, and the kids have met that goal and then some. Macaire told Bored Panda that she keeps doing it because it's fun and bringing smiles to people. 

"I came up with the idea since my brother and I needed something to do during quarantine," Macaire said in an interview with Bored Panda. "After I did one chalk drawing of balloons, I asked him to be in the picture and he had fun, so I did it again. After chalking for about 15 days in a row, I decided to set a goal of chalking 100 days in a row. It was fun to pretend that he could travel and go on fun adventures," Macaire went on. "I met the goal of chalking 100 days in a row on July 4, and I keep chalking (about every other day) to help spread joy to others since people tell me this makes them happy."

Sometimes, the ideas are from Macaire; sometimes, they are Camden’s.

The siblings have been posting their chalk work on Instagram for the world to enjoy. They plan to keep going as long as they can. It has been exciting to create new adventure every day and talk about going to that place.

This is a very endearing story and we commend the creativity and dedication of these kids to their craft. Check out all their creations on Instagram (@macairesmuse) where they have over 13,000 followers, and enjoy going on a fabulous adventure of imagination.