Why would go to your favorite pizza spot again when you could be petting kangaroos while doing yoga? Yeah, that's what we thought.

Your weekends are about to get weird, friends. Game of Thrones is over. Stranger Things isn’t here yet. It's summertime, and there are so many (weird) things to do in Colorado! Previously, we dived into the darker side of Colorado and talked about the top 10 weirdest places to visit in our great state. Now, here’s 10 more.

Kangaroo Yoga at Zoo Chateau

kangaroo yoga

You can also bottle feed the 'roos at Zoo Chateau (Courtesy of McKenzie Ridder)

Located just outside Golden, the Zoo Chateau offers a yoga class with kangaroos! After you sign a waiver and pay up $75 per person, you’ll get a chance to meet Rooney and Bindi, the resident kangaroos. Each yoga session is at a slower pace to keep the ‘roos happy, but also to keep you comfortable too in case you’re not a yoga expert. You can read more on OCN’s adventure on Zoo Chateau here.

Howl With Real Wolves at Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

the good boys and girls at sanctuary

Courtesy of Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center (Facebook)

If you truly want to live out your Game of Thrones fantasies, the real, fluffy babies at this Wolf Sanctuary are ready for you and your Jon Snow dreams. They offer everything from full moon tours at night to private sessions with the wolves themselves so you can get one-on-one time with any of the rescued wolves they have. They also offer private meetings with the other animals who call the sanctuary home, like foxes and coyotes. Of course, we were really excited about the full moon tours, too! All of them end with a group howl at night.

Ride an Interactive Roller Coaster at Elitch Gardens

roller coaster

Kaleidoscape is just a taste of what meow Wolf has planned for in Denver. (Courtesy of Meow Wolf)

Speaking of Game of Thrones, did you know George R.R. Martin and Elitch Gardens have something in common? They both have a hand in Meow Wolf's new roller coaster, Kaleidoscape. Since their unique debut and Martin's help, Meow Wolf put themselves on the map. They have come here to Denver to introduce Colorado to the first artist-driven, interactive coaster. Riders have claimed "to be taken into a different dimension" from the thrill ride that opened this year.

Be Florida Man at Colorado Gators Reptile Park

gator wrestling

You can earn our certificate of insanity after this class (Courtesy of Colorado Gators Reptile Park)

While you may not want to go to Florida because it's terrifying. (I mean, look at some headlines here.) You can go to Mosca, Colorado, to see REAL ALLIGATORS. That's right. The farm opened in 1990 after purchasing a hundred baby alligators (Cruella DeCroc, anyone?). Unlike yoga with kangaroos and howling with wolves, here you can wrestle the gators. Go ahead. Look it up. This is a real thing you can do in Colorado. The class itself is $100 and you start off easy with learning how to wrestle two-foot gators while slowly working up wrestling eight-foot gators!

Skip the Wine and Go Spring Water Tasting


Courtesy of Pikes Peak Region

At Manitou Springs, they offer a unique way to taste spring water. From all of the years of snowmelt and rainwater soaking into the rock underneath, Manitou Springs has an abundance of natural, filtered spring water. All around the town, there are eight spring fountains to try out. Each fountain is unique tasting and easy to find, especially with this walking map to follow. Spend a day visiting the town and judging which water tastes better. 

Ghost Towns or Bust

ghost town

Ghost Town Ruins usually have ghost residing in them. (Courtesy of Colorado.com)

You've heard of the Old West tales and the Gold Rush. Most miners, hikers, and dreamin' Americans came to Colorado hoping to find that sweet, sweet golden treasure. Literally. A lot of these towns were abandoned, but still stand today. The only one you can drive to is St. Elmo, West of Buena Vista. While the remaining 40 structures will take you back to the 1880s, be wary of the integrity of each building.

Another popular ghost town is Crystal which thrived because of the abundance of silver, not gold. After the silver crash in 1893, only a few residents remained. Roads to Crystal are considered too rough for most vehicles. You can hike there from Marble, Colorado. Of course, both ghost towns are not short on ghost sightings.

Why Go to Disneyland When You Can Go to Downtown Fort Collins?

downtown fort collins

(Courtesy of Fort Collins Downtown Facebook)

Told you. You don't need to go to Florida. The uncanny resemblance between both places isn't just a coincidence, it's real. While most people know Walt Disney designed a lot of his parks, he had help from Harper Goff, a Fort Collins native. Together, they took inspiration from Fort Collins to create what is now Main Street U.S.A. Each took their childhood memories of their hometowns. Goff used his artistry and photos he took to model Disney's parks after the Firehouse Book Store, the Old Linden hotel, and the city hall building.

Watch Drive-In Movies ... From Your Hotel Room?


(Courtesy of Pexels)

Wait, drive-in movie theaters are still around? Uh, duh. Best Western Movie Manor is attached to a historic movie theater in Monte Vista. This movie season is well underway and ends in September. Guests can request single beds which face the movie screen. Double beds do not face the screen, but every room has tables and chairs to enjoy the movie from the comfort of your room. While the first movie is visible from your room, the second movie you will have to drive out to the second screen (free of charge, of course). 

Meet the Roaming Donkeys of Cripple Creek


These donkeys are happy to eat any treat you bring them! (Courtesy of Cripple Creek Today)

Cripple Creek has an obsession with ... their donkeys. Originally, the donkeys worked in the mines and all over the city doing what donkeys do best: pulling carts. Today, a herd of their descendants is free to roam all over the town. They are friendly and are known to 'ham it up' for the camera. The only thing you can't do is ride the donkeys. They cared for by the Two Mile High Club, which pays for any food and veterinary care they would need. If you’d like to help with the costs of feed and veterinary care, you can donate by sending a check or money order to the: Two Mile Club, P.O. Box 306, Cripple Creek, CO, 80813.

Participate in the Frozen Dead Guy Festival


Get a group of your closest friends together and go coffin racing. (Courtesy of Frozen Dead Guy Days Facebook)

For three days in Nederland, Colorado, people from all over come together to celebrate Bredo Morstol, the real frozen dead guy who lies in a state of suspended animation – frozen in a Tuff Shed on dry ice high above the town of Nederland. Frozen Dead Guy Days is a quirky celebration for the weird events around his death. Over 30 bands play live in heated tents and there are several contests, including costume contests. You can watch the Parade of Hearses or go Coffin Racing while you enjoy the loads of bacon they serve at the fest.

Colorado is filled with the weirdest things to fill up your entire year with. What are your plans for this summer? Would you be brave enough to wrestle an alligator? Let us know!