You can't miss out on these 10 must-see places in Boulder, Colorado!

When you think of Boulder, you may think of a college town, at first. While CU Boulder is a big aspect of the city, Boulder has so much to offer for people of all ages and with all kinds of interests. From shopping to hiking and more, there are endless possibilities for a day trip or even a full week's visit. Here's a list of 10 different must-see places in Boulder, Colorado!

Chautauqua Park

Chautauqua Park

Courtesy of Colorado Chautauqua on Facebook

This park in Boulder, Colorado, offers different hiking trails for people of all different levels of fitness and skill. Whether you decide to take the classic Flatirons loop, which brings you up between two of the flatirons, or if you opt for the First-Second Flatiron trail that brings you up between the First Flatiron and Sunset Rock, there will be beautiful sights abound. (This rings true for any of the hikes that begin at the Chautauqua Trailhead). If hiking isn't your thing but you still want the views, there's open space and picnic areas that are perfect to sit back, have lunch, and take in the picture-perfect views.

Pearl Street

pearl st

Courtesy of City of Boulder Colorado Government on Facebook

Pearl Street in Boulder offers sights, sounds, and delicious food options. There's shopping, ice cream (did someone say Ben & Jerry's?), history, art, street performers, and so much more. Pearl Street hosts many events throughout the year, whether it be the annual tulip festival in the spring, or art fairs and even parades, chances are you will come across something unique and wonderful happening on Pearl. This street boasts over 120 food options as well, so even if you aren't into shopping, there are countless spots to grab a bite or a drink.

Celestial Seasonings

If you are a tea enthusiast, then you must add the Celestial Seasonings tour to your Boulder itinerary. Eight million teabags are produced daily at this factory, and the 45-minute tour includes samples of different teas, as well as a walk through their art gallery and the factory! Not to be forgotten, this tour also includes a look into the famous Mint Room. It is open seven days a week and is FREE to the public (as if you needed more reasons to go)!

Boulder Theater

"The historic Boulder Theater has a diverse and colorful past that continues with a thriving present as one of the premier concert venues in the nation. Opened in 1906 as Curran Opera House by wealthy billboard sign owner James Curran, the venue featured opera, musical productions and silent movies," says the Boulder Theater website. This historic Boulder landmark is a must-see, as it hosts all different types of concerts, shows, and events all year-round. There's something for everyone here, and it's a beautiful, famous addition to your Boulder visit.

Boulder Beer Trail

boulder beer trail

Courtesy of Boulder Beer Trail on Facebook

This trail boasts 28 different breweries, wineries, and distilleries in Boulder, which makes it a must-do activity for the casual (or not so casual) drinker. There are multiple ways to experience this trail, although it is suggested to either explore this trail by foot or by bicycle, which you can rent for this unique journey. Each location on the Boulder Beer Trail includes a different experience, while some places have tours, others have a bite to eat, and some even have outdoor patios to enjoy your drink on a sunny summer day. Be sure to check out the festivals that are hosted year-round as well.

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

For only $2 admission, you can enjoy one of the many ever-changing exhibits that the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts has to offer. This space is perfect for an afternoon trip and boasts incredible contemporary art exhibits for people of all ages to enjoy. The location also makes it an ideal stop on your Boulder visit, as it is only a few minutes from Pearl Street. 

Boulder Creek Path

boulder creek path

Courtesy of University of Colorado Boulder Undergraduate Admissions on Facebook

Boulder Creek Path is a nice 5.5-mile walk that stretches from Boulder Canyon to Stazio Ballfields. It makes for a relaxing walk, run, or bike ride along the creek. The path cuts through town as well, so you will be able to experience nature and the hustle and bustle of Boulder. This is a good, free option for those looking to take in the sights while also enjoying a little bit of exercise without needing to hike through the flatirons.

Boulder Reservoir

Boulder Reservoir is a great place to relax, do some swimming, get out on a kayak, and just enjoy the hot, Boulder sun. Admission is only $7 and there are kayaks, paddleboards, and sailboats available for rent. The reservoir is open until September 2 and there are lifeguards on duty during the park's hours. This 700-acre reservoir proves to be a great option for a day trip.

Flagstaff Mountain

boulder hike

Courtesy of City of Boulder Colorado Government on Facebook

Flagstaff Mountain offers breathtaking views of the Front Range and Boulder. There are many different ways to experience Flagstaff Mountain; you may decide to drive up the public road to check out the Flagstaff Nature Center, located at the Flagstaff Mountain Summit, or you may choose to hike or bike to the summit to take in the breathtaking views. There are a few different trails off the Flagstaff Trailhead, and while some are more difficult than others, there's something for hikers of all levels. Located near Chautauqua Park, Flagstaff Mountain is a must-see natural beauty.

Eldorado Canyon

Eldorado Canyon

Courtesy of Eldorado Canyon State Park - Colorado Parks and Wildlife on Facebook

Eldorado Canyon is tucked away in Boulder's backyard and offers many different hiking trails as well as climbing locations and picnic areas. This state park has something for everyone, with trails of different levels and skill, and all of them offer beautiful views of Boulder. You can enjoy fishing in Boulder Creek, biking one of the many trails, or even climbing one of the over 500 technical rock climbing routes that Eldorado Canyon has to offer.

Are there any must-see places in Boulder that we missed on our list? Let us know in the comments below!