How did "Stonewall Jackson" get his name? Find out this summer ...

Looking for ways to stay active and informed this summer? Consider a trip to Manassas National Battlefield Park! Located in Manassas, Virginia, this site was the backdrop for the first and second Battles of Manassas (Bull Run), which were both significant Civil War events. 

Visitors can enjoy the perfect blend of history and fun for the whole family in a peaceful, pastoral setting. Plus, the park is observing the 160th anniversary of the First Battle of Manassas with special events that Civil War buffs won't want to miss!

Manassas National Battlefield Park Walking Tour
Henry Hill Walking Tour, Courtesy of Sarah Stroup

Tours & Events

If you want to learn more about the first events of the Civil War, you'll definitely want to check out one or more of the park's many free walking tours. Manassas National Battlefield Park is split into a northern half and southern half, each with its own programs that depart from various meeting points. You can choose from tours at Henry Hill, Matthews Hill, Brawner Farm, Deep Cut, and Chinn Ridge, all led by knowledgeable tour guides full of details about the Union and Confederate armies. 

In honor of the 160th anniversary of the First Battle of Manassas, the park will host special events on July 17, 18, and 21. Visitors can look forward to the dedication of two original Civil War boat howitzers on Matthews Hill, demonstrations and exhibits presented by the U.S. Marine Corps Historical Company, and special walking tours led by park rangers. Furthermore, the newly restored landscape on Henry Hill will be revealed, where visitors will also be able to attend an evening performance of authentic Civil War music. 

Manassas National Battlefield Park Trails
Hiking Trails, Courtesy of Sarah Stroup

Museum & Trails

Even if you don't attend an event or a tour, there are plenty of other attractions to explore on your own  Visit the museum at the Henry Hill Visitor Center, where you can learn more about Civil War artillery. In addition, you can watch the park's orientation film, An End of Innocence, which plays every hour.  Hikers, dog walkers, and equestrians alike can also enjoy over 40 miles of easy to moderate trails that circle the fields.

Manassas National Battlefield Park Stonewall Jackson Monument
Stonewall Jackson Monument, Courtesy of Sarah Stroup


Manassas National Battlefield Park has been working to renovate some of its historical sites, so before you set your heart on visiting a particular structure, you may wish to consult the park website to make sure it's open. You'll also want to plan when it comes to parking. Although the Henry Hill Visitor Center has a parking lot, it fills up quickly. There are many small lots along Lee Highway but look at the map ahead of time to find the one closest to your destination. Lastly, don't forget to wear sunscreen and tick repellant! The fields are beautiful, but they are covered in tall grasses, and you won't find much tree cover, either. Be sure to take the proper precautions for your health and safety, and most importantly, have fun!

Have you visited Manassas National Battlefield Park? What are your must-sees? Let us know in the comments.