It's officially fall, which means it's the perfect time to get lost in one of these Virginia corn mazes. While there are many, we have selected our favorite three.

Fall is my favorite season, and in Virginia, we are so fortunate to experience the change. Leaves turning beautiful colors, the temperature cooling, fall festivals, and so many fun outdoor activities ... and I am not an outdoors girl, so you know I must love fall. Mostly, I hold dear my memories of apple-picking as a child, taking my children to pick out pumpkins, buying big beautiful mums at a farmer's market, and even staying in a cabin as a family in the mountains (okay, I had to embrace my inner self for that). These are all moments in time that I wouldn't trade in a New York second.

All three of these Virginia corn mazes have different themes, and each destination is special in its own right. The best thing about visiting these corn mazes is spending time and making life-long memories.  

1. Liberty Mills Farm | 9166 Liberty Mills Rd, Somerset, VA 22972

Liberty Mills Farm Corn Maze 2019 Theme Apollo !! Landing on the Moon 1969 One Small Step for Man

Courtesy of Liberty Mills Farm

DATES: Now through November 11 | ADMISSION: Weekend $12—ages 5 and up (click here for schedule and hours)

The 33-acre corn maze is known as the “Largest Corn Maze East of the Mississippi River"! The theme this year is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11's moon landing, and the design is absolutely spectacular.

Kent and Evie Woods, owners of the 125-acre Liberty Mills Farm, choose a theme every spring before planting the corn in the specific maze design. Once the corn is planted, paths are cut out in that design. This is an incredible feat for a local farmer, as most other corn mazes are created by professionals.

This year, the corn maze is divided into four different paths and levels. It's been said that the key to completing the maze is keeping your composure and not being afraid to ask for help!

Liberty Mills Farm Corn Maze Virginia Fall Activities 2019

Photos Courtesy of Facebook

Your weekend corn maze admission includes unlimited access to the maze, hay wagon rides (starting September 28), the pumpkin patch, and full access to the activity area, which includes Straw Mountain, corn hole, and Woody the Play Tractor. The owner, Kent, is an avid antique John Deere collector, so you might just get lucky enough to see his collection. No promises, and don’t tell him you heard it from me!

Also, don't forget to visit the Farm Market, where you can buy homemade ice cream, fudge, pumpkin butter, popcorn, local honey, and so much more. 

2. Crab Orchard Museum3663 Crab Orchard Rd. Tazewell, VA 24651

Crab Orchard Museum Corn Maze

Courtesy of Crab Orchard Museum

DATES: Now through October 27 | ADMISSION: $10—ages 13 and up | $5—ages 5–12 / $5 parking (click here for schedule and hours)

The four-acre corn maze’s theme this year is "butterfly metamorphosis." The paths are carved out following the design of a butterfly’s metamorphosis: a chrysalis, a caterpillar, two monarch butterflies, and a flower. 

The design for this year’s corn maze was an obvious choice as Charlotte Whitted, Executive Director of the Crab Orchard Museum said, “We are fortunate to host returning monarch butterflies in the corn, giving us an outstanding opportunity to use the maze as an outdoor classroom.”

Throughout the corn maze, there are 14 checkpoints, each with an artifact from the museum.

Crab Orchard Museum Corn Maze Tazwell Virginia

Courtesy Crab Orchard Museum

Not only is there the butterfly-themed corn maze to explore, but there are wagon rides around the corn and through the pumpkin patch, a kids' play area, Punkin’ Chunkin,' a general store barn, and then, of course, the museum itself. After a full day of fun, you’ll probably be hungry; across the street from the maze is Fisher & Company, a delicious BBQ restaurant. Now that’s a fine way to end a great day!

3. The Corn Maze in The Plains4501 Old Tavern Rd, The Plains, VA 20198

The Corn Maze in the Plains Virginia

Courtesy of Facebook

DATES: September 28–Sunday, November 3 | ADMISSION: $12—ages 13 and up (click here for schedule and hours)

Known as “the top corn maze in the Northern Virginia & the D.C. area,” the five-acre corn maze featuring a theme of “Celebrating 20 Ears.” And that’s a significant theme! It was 20 years ago that owners Kate and Hub Knott began the corn maze and began growing organic vegetable/flower seeds at the Plains.

“It has been our goal to create a non-commercial fall festival, where people can come to get healthy food, great farm products, see our farm animals, and have a memorable family experience.”  —The Knotts

This corn maze is riddled with hidden clues, which will help you make your way out of the maze, so pay close attention. Prior to entering the maze, each person is given a flag, a crayon, and a blank survival guide. The hidden clues complete the map and lead you to freedom. Why do you need a flag, you ask? Well, if you find yourself in a pickle, you can wave your flag high and hard. A “corn cop,” as they’re called, will find you and assist you. But I doubt you’ll need to wave your flag since you’ll be looking for those hidden clues. How much fun does this sound? 

Corn Maze in the Plains Virginia Fall Festivals

Photos Courtesy of Corn Maze in the Plains

The Corn Maze in the Plains has so many activities that the whole family can enjoy. They have pumpkin slingshots, hayrides, lots of farm animals, an obstacle course, a mini-maze, and a huge play area with tire swings, rolling tubes, a giant slide, and so much more. There is also a Kate's Country Store with homemade and local goods. If you and your littles get hungry, don’t fret; you can go to the Grill with food by Sultry Soul Food. The menu has a nice selection, something everyone in the family will love.

Have you ever visited any of these corn mazes? If so, which was your favorite? Do you plan on heading to one near you this fall? Please share your experiences with us in the comment section. We always love to read about them. And don't forget to tag us on your social media #OCN!