Traveling on a budget? Check out these free outdoor activities in Colorado Springs.

Known as simply “The Springs”, Colorado Springs is home to some beautiful landscape, majestic wildlife, and extraordinary sights. It’s a great place to become one with nature, explore your inner adventurer, and find (or lose) yourself.

The best part of it all though, is that most of the activities are completely free! So, let us be your nature guide and check out these free outdoorsy things to do in Colorado Springs.

Explore the Garden of the Gods

Colorado rock formations at Garden of the Gods
Courtesy of Garden of the Gods

Travel back 300 million years and set your eyes on rocks created by the Gods. Registered as a national natural landmark, the Garden of the Gods features 300-foot rock formations that look to be intentionally placed by the Gods themselves. Throughout the park, you’ll find 15 miles of trails, exciting rock-climbing opportunities, guided electric bike tours, horseback riding, and a variety of different wildlife. Whatever you’re interested in, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Garden of the Gods.

Go Skateboarding at Memorial Park

skate park
Courtesy of Memorial Park

Catch some air and show off your skills at Memorial Park’s free skate park. The 40,000-square-foot skate park has a street course, two vertical ramps, a backyard-style pool, and plenty of bowls. If boarding isn’t your style, you can also try your hand at the park’s bicycle racing track, roller skate racing track, baseball/softball fields, tennis courts, pool, or public ice-skating center. Memorial Park provides you with all the adventure you need to complete your trip to Colorado Springs.

Enjoy a Picnic at Palmer Park

mountain view and park

After a day of hiking, skating, and shopping your way through Colorado Springs, you’ve probably worked up an appetite. So, head over to the Colorado Ranch Market to explore some delicious food options. Everything at the market is fresh, right off the farm and supports Colorado-based agriculture and the local economy. After grabbing some delicious bites, take your lunch right down the street to Palmer Park. With gorgeous views of Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs, it’s the perfect place to picnic and snap some amazing photos.

Gaze at Starr Kempf's Kinetic Sculptures

metal bird sculpture
Courtesy of Atlas Obscura

If you’re a fan of the arts, then you’ll definitely want to visit Starr Kempf’s Kinetic Sculptures. Located on the lawn of the artist’s former home, the kinetic sculptures are metal displays of astrological projects, whimsical birds, and towering spires. The sculptor, Starr Kempf, took his own life in 1995 and many say you can still see his troubled soul emulating through his work. Today, you’ll have to view the work from the street but it’s definitely worth the visit.

Taste the Water at Manitou Springs

mountain view
Courtesy of Manitou Springs

The waters at Manitou Springs are said to have magical healing powers. Natives of the land once called the rushing liquid, the “breath of the Great Spirit, Manitou”, as it continuously provided tribes with good health and wellness. These powers were so strong that people have been taking trips to the springs for centuries, just to get the opportunity to drink some of the mystical healing waters. Well, now you can follow in their footsteps. Make the trek to the Manitou Springs and experience the healing powers for yourself. Each of the springs has its own taste so be sure to try them all!

Taking a trip to Colorado Springs? Let us know which of these free outdoorsy activities you decide to do!