Explore the hiking trails with your pup that are less than 45 minutes away from Denver.

Colorado has endless possibilities for an awesome day outdoors. It would take a lifetime to trek every trail and mountain in the rocky state, not to mention innumerable hours and miles driving to said sites. Sure, a car ride is easily in the top five best favorite things your dog loves to do, but it doesn't compare to a gorgeous trail hike that is only less than an hour away from home.

If you are a Denver resident, chances are you have to schedule a whole day to head to the mountains for an epic hike. While beautiful, it could be time-consuming, cutting your weekend short. Thankfully, we have found some unique hikes near Denver that you and your pup friend will love. "Going for a walk" will take on a whole new meaning.

**North Table Mountain Park West Trailhead

North Table Mountain Park West Trailhead

Courtesy of Jefferson County (website)

Drive from Denver: 42 minutes

The North Table trail is perfect for those who want a great view of the mountains but don't want to drive through them. The loop-trail is approximately 2.7 miles if you want a short walk, but for those that have more time on their hands, they can hike up to 7.7 miles.

Your furry friend will love the hike and you can enjoy the ample view of Golden from above. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash throughout the hike.

**Please note that the Rim Rock Trail at North Table Mountain Park is closed from February 1 through July 31. This is done in order to protect raptor nesting territory and ground-nesting bird habitat. Click here for more information on seasonal wildlife closures.

Bear Creek Trail at Lair o' The Bear

Bear Creek Trail at Lair o' The Bear

Courtesy of All Trails (website)

Drive from Denver: 36 mins

If you need a quick escape from the city, Bear Creek Trail is for you. Only 36 minutes away from Denver – 30, if you're lucky – this trail is a tranquil oasis with a beautiful road leading up to it. The 1.6-mile trail is an easy hike and you're going to want to go slow so you can enjoy the scenic aspens along the creek.

Your dog will surely love the short hike as well and the creek that edges the trail. No doubt it will be a great place for them splash and run around on a hot summer day.

If you can make a day of it, plan a picnic and enjoy nature in their cute picnic areas with your pet.

Mary Carter Greenway Trail

Courtesy of Trail Link (website)

Drive from Denver: 29 minutes

Depending on the day, you can make it out to Littleton in 15 to 30 minutes and enjoy the trail also known as the Arapahoe Greenway. There are plenty of routes to take with your dog, giving it plenty of chances to burn off a lot of energy.

The Mary Carter Greenway is eight miles long along the South Platte River. The surface of the trail is covered in asphalt which makes for a smoother hike with fewer possibilities of injured ankles. Your pet will also appreciate the smooth surfaces and scenic views.

Meadowlark Trail Loop

Meadowlark Trail Loop

Courtesy of Bring Fido (website)

Drive from Denver: 40 minutes

Another fantastic option in Littleton is the Meadowlark Trail Loop. The 5.9-mile loop trail is a popular choice for pet owners, so get ready for your dog to encounter a lot of other furry friends. The trail takes hikers through a sandy meadow before making its way down to Plymouth Creek. The trail crosses the creek and has access to a spectacular view of the mountains and foothills in the distance.

Platte River Greenway Trail 

Platte River Greenway Trail

Photo Courtesy: All Trails (website)

Drive from Denver: 30 mins

The Platte trail is a good choice for anyone who wants to go for a nice walk but still stay within the city limits. It's a perfect option for those days when you don't have time to drive out of the city.

The trail runs along Platte River in Adams County area, the former agricultural center of the city. You will surely spot a few rustic elements from the farming days and a few smaller working farms. The 6.8-mile hike is versatile and sees a lot of pet owners and hikes throughout the day. The trail follows the river and there are some sandbars that connect to sandy beaches along the way.

Red Rocks Trail

Red Rocks Trail

Courtesy of All Trails (website)

Drive from Denver: 26 minutes

The Red Rocks Trail at the Red Rocks Park is one of the coolest hikes by the mountains without venturing too far into them or worrying about gas money. Only a half-hour away from the city center, the six-mile loop trail is a fun hike for pets that can sniff and explore the rocky pathway.

The trail gives hikers a chance to wander through the meadows at the east side of the reddish monoliths. The panoramic view is worth stopping for and taking it all in.

There is a high probability your pupper will go straight to sleep after you finished this hike. This might make for a quiet ride back home!

Also, don't forget to share your photos/videos of your adventures with us in the comments.