Forget the car—You won't want to travel any other way.

Here's something to add to your bucket list: a scenic canoe ride to your favorite winery. There's nothing more serene than having a glass of merlot to accompany stunning views of the water.
It might sound like something from a movie, but we're delighted to inform you it's something you can actually do right here in Virginia!

Abingdon Vineyards is the place, a charming winery run by Loren and Elizabeth Gardner. Since 2018, the Napa Valley transplants have shared their wines with the Appalachia region, made from grapes planted across 13 acres of lush vineyards.


They reside along the banks of the South Holston River, and since they're so close to the water, visitors are welcome to grab their canoes and paddle on over! Unlike most wineries, they're also dog- and kid-friendly, so the whole family can come along for the journey.

If boat rides aren't your jam, feel free to take a hike ... literally. The winery is within a half-mile from The Virginia Creeper Trail, so you can lace up those boots for a refreshing trek through the outdoors, or go on a bike ride if you would rather stay on land.

south holston river

When you get there, the winery will be waiting for you with its menu of wines and charcuterie staples like salami, cheese, and nuts. Not sure what to order? You can never go wrong with the $14 wine flight, which features 4 "XL" wine tastings, or a gourmet cheese platter. Whatever you purchase, you can bring it to the water's edge for an afternoon picnic. Should you go during the weekend, you may even stumble upon some live music!

wine glass

Whether you fancy a boat ride in Appalachian country, enjoy wine tastings, or just want to experience the glory of nature, this winery is worth the trip for atmosphere alone. It really lives up to the proverb "it's not the destination, it's the journey." Forget the car—Traveling by boat is the way to go!

Abingdon Vineyards is located at 20530 Alvarado Road in Abingdon, Virginia. You can find out more about them here.

**All photos courtesy of Abingdon Vineyards

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