Get ready to howl, sing, and dance this spring at Chinatown’s future dueling piano bar!

Chinatown is going to get a lot livelier as music lovers flock to a new dueling piano bar expected to open in early April. Known for its live music, large cocktail buckets, and pure fun, this bar definitely won’t disappoint!

National dueling piano bar chain, Howl at the Moon is opening a 500-capacity bar at 900 7th Street NW in Chinatown. It will occupy the space that was once home to Ping Pong Dim Sum—filling the hole that was created in our heart when the restaurant closed down almost two years ago.

The D.C. location will become Howl at the Moon’s sixteenth location and is expected to bring with it the brand’s iconic dueling pianists, great service, and delicious drinks.

What Is a Dueling Piano Bar?

If you don’t know what a dueling piano bar is, then here’s a quick summary for you: fun times, talented live pianists, and incredible jams to help you dance the night away. At center stage, there are two pianos that duel for your cheers, shouts, and appreciation. These piano players can play just about anything and take any and all requests from the audience.

Therefore, you request a song, they play it, and you cheer for your favorite dueler. The show is ultimately driven by the audience and the dueling pianists thrive on fan participation. So be ready to stomp your feet, clap your hands, and dance to the beat of your favorite songs.

The Drinks

Although Howl at the Moon is known for its fabulous pianists, it’s also a popular hangout spot because of its unique drinks. The bar features 86-ounce cocktail buckets that come in multiple different flavors. While you’re listening to your favorite pianist, you can sip on drinks such as the “Adios Mofo” (tequila, gin, rum, vodka, triple sec, blue curacao, lemon sour, lemon lime) or the “Fruit Roll Up” (SKYY Georgia Peach Vodka, SKYY Honeycrisp Apple Vodka, melon liqueur, lemon lime, cherry).

If you have to go into work the next day, you can also opt for the smaller 32-ounce bucket so that you can remain responsible while still having fun.

The Baltimore Location

If you’re a fan of Howl at the Moon, then you might have heard that the Baltimore location will be closing on February 29, after 20 years of partying. Although this is a huge loss for the community, many of the staff and musicians from the Baltimore location are expected to move to the new D.C. bar.

According to senior general manager, Paul Mann, “We’re calling this, not a closing, but a relocation because myself, the general manager, and some management team, and all the entertainers are coming from Baltimore to D.C.”

So, whether you’re a longtime fan or a noob, you’re definitely sure to have a good time at the new location. Let us know how excited you are to howl at the moon and be sure to check out the dueling piano bar when it opens this April.