The coaster is expected to hit top speeds of 72.5 miles per hour.

Every time I've gone to Busch Gardens over the last few years, I have witnessed new changes involving the removal of a previous attraction or the debut of a new one. Busch Gardens Williamsburg has been working hard to keep up with the changing generations by creating thrilling and scary rides, and they have been quite successful! 

With four consecutive years of new attractions, Busch Gardens just keeps getting better and better, and in 2020, the park will be gaining a new multi-launch roller coaster called "Pantheon."

The coaster is expected to hit top speeds of 72.5 miles per hour, as well as have forward and backward launches, two inversions, and a 95-degree drop (how insane)! 

Pantheon is Roman-themed, dedicating sections of the ride to five Greek gods: Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, and Minerva.

Considering I am scared of heights, I will be sitting this one out ... but, please, let me know how it is! 


The arrival of Pantheon follows the 2019 launch of the popular and thrilling Finnegan's Flyer – Virginia's only "screaming swing." 

You will be able to find this new coaster in the Fiesta Italia section of Busch Gardens, and the first 1,000 visitors to the park on August 7 will receive a Pantheon pin! 

Who's excited for this new launch? Do you plan to ride it on the first day it's open? Are you too scared to ride it? Tell us in the comments!