Have a fun day in D.C. at a museum like no other: The Brewmaster's Castle!

We realize that the museum itself is closed for COVID-19, but the gardens are still open! We're dreaming of the day we can go to all these fun D.C. attractions once more!

Everyone knows that D.C. is the place to come when you want to feast on some history. Thanks to 250 years of U.S. history, the past is everywhere in this city -- the museums, the buildings, and so much more. But, today, we're bringing you a different kind of historical museum: The Brewmaster's Castle (duh duh duh!) -- or less dramatically known as the Heurich House Museum!

Courtesy of Heurich House Museum

WHERE: 1307 New Hampshire Avenue NW
CONTACT: Click here 

If you're a little confused as to what this place is, allow us to rewind time and catch you up to speed! During the 20th century, Dupont Circle was home to Gatsby-esque homes, and The Brewmaster's Castle was one of these. Built in the early 1890s by Christian Heurich (a German immigrant who was a local brewer and philanthropist), the house is famous because it's the most intact home left behind from that time period. We're talking modern technology from the period, original interiors, family collections, and more -- all left behind for future generations to see!

And today, future generations are doing just that. People come to see over 1,000 items left behind from Heurich's brewing company (hence the name, The Brewmaster's Castle!), an art exhibit that explores the immigrant experience in America (including Heurich's experience), tour the home and the grounds, or attend some seasonal events, like Oktoberfest or Christkindlmarkt when they roll around.

The museum offers hour-long guided tours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Find out how to reserve your tour here.

What would you say to strolling through some cool D.C. history at The Brewmaster's Castle? Have you been before? Drop a comment below!

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