The Crystal Grottoes Caverns feature more formations per square foot than any other cave in the world.

If you watch television, you have undoubtedly seen dozens of commercials for the Luray Caverns in Virginia. But did you know Maryland has its own stalactite caves?

Discovered in 1920, the Crystal Grottoes Caverns is located Boonesboro, Maryland, about an hour and a half from Baltimore. The caves were created by water seeping through limestone, resulting in icicle-shaped rock formations that hang from the ceiling. The caverns were opened to the public in 1922.

Crystal Grottoes Caverns Tour

Tours through the cavern are held every 30 minutes during the season. After entering a modern-looking office building, you’ll descend down into the caverns. A guide will walk you through the cavern’s passageways and rooms, explaining the geologic features of the natural wonder. The cavern features ceiling heights are anywhere from 15 to 60 feet high and feature limestone, clay, and travertine. The rock is covered with variations of beautiful rock formations including stalactites, bacon rinds, stout columns, helictites, ribbons, and more. The colors of the delicate formations range from snow white to light blue.

Admission and Groups

Crystal Grottoes Caverns Tour is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, April 1 to November 30. Admission is $20 for adults age 12 and up and $10 for kids 11 and under, cash only. Discounts are available for tour groups of 20 or more. The caverns are always a frosty 54 degrees, so be sure to bring a jacket!

Things to Do Nearby

After your tour, head to Sharpsburg to visit the Civil War battlefields at Antietam National Battlefield Visitor Center, just 10 minutes down the road. The caverns are also close to Harpers Ferry and Washington Monument State Park. After a day of fun, hit a local restaurant and stay the night in one of the area's quaint bed and breakfasts. 

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