A road trip made in heaven ... 

Spring is perfect for hiking. It doesn't carry the heavy heat of the summer quite yet, but it's warm enough that you don't have to weigh yourself down with layers of flannels. And thankfully for those of us in Virginia, our hiking options are vast since the Blue Ridge Mountains cut right through the middle of our state!

blue ridge mountains

Courtesy of visitroanokeva.com

Everyone knows about Humpback Rocks and Old Rag, but have you heard of the Devil's Fork Loop Trail? This amazing spot is a must-see for all outdoor enthusiasts! Located in the southwest Virginia town of Fort Blackmore, Devil's Fork Loop Trail is a seven-mile hike that will challenge and surprise even the most experienced hiker. It is best visited during low water conditions, as there are many creek crossings throughout the trail.

Past visitors suggest wearing shoes that you can get wet and still hike in, as you will encounter plenty of water along the trail. Though the hike itself provides an exhilarating experience for lovers of nature, the highlight of the trail is by far the Devil's Bathtub, a breathtaking swimming hole with crystal clear water.

devils bathtub

Courtesy of Virginia Trail Guide

The Devil's Bathtub is not very large, at only 10 feet long and about eight feet deep. However, this does not stop visitors from gathering during the spring and summer to enjoy the refreshing, pure waters of this natural wonder. The spot is most crowded on the weekends, so it is highly recommended to visit during the week if possible. There is a small parking lot outside the trail's entrance, but it fills up quickly, so arrive early to get a good spot (hence, making this a good little road trip)!

There is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the natural world than going on a hike and experiencing the serenity of a natural swimming hole such as the Devil's Bathtub. So put on your (waterproof) hiking shoes, stock up on trail mix, and get hiking!

Have you visited the Devil's Bathtub? What other road trips should we take? Let us know in the comments!