The fun doesn't end after the sun goes down at Colonial Williamsburg.

Maybe you've visited Colonial Williamsburg during daylight hours and experienced a complete immersion into history – complete with talking to the local blacksmith, listening to the fife and drum player, sampling Colonial-style bitter cocoa with cinnamon, or eating at the historic tavern. But what you might not know is that there's more to explore once the candles are lit and darkness shrouds the cobblestone streets. In fact, a world of fun begins once many have left the grounds of Colonial Williamsburg.  

Concerts are held nightly at the Palace of the Royal Governor, offering 17th- and 18th-century chamber music, with musicians wearing period clothing, replete with powdered wigs, and playing stringed instruments, flutes, and the harpsichord.

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You might want to attend a historical trial and actively participate in the proceedings, even casting your vote as to whether "the Virginia Witch," Grace Sherwood, is guilty. Or maybe you'll weigh the evidence for and against a pirate, one of Blackbeard's crew members, and make your choice for punishment. Regardless, you're sure to enjoy this trip back in time, heavy with the worries of another time. Please note that the content of these trials might not be appropriate for small children.

Do you fancy a little paranormal adventure? Well, you have a few choices. "Haunted Williamsburg" is a one-hour guided, candlelight tour inside the walls of several historic buildings. This tour begins at the Playbooth Theater on Palace Green.  

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For younger visitors and families, check out the "Official Ghost Walk Junior" tour where guests will experience good old-fashioned ghost stories: with all of the fun and none of the uber-creepy stuff.


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From witch trials to chamber music to ghost stories, the night is alive at Colonial Williamsburg!

Do note that all nighttime events require additional ticketing for admission. Visit the official Colonial Williamsburg site at for details.    

Have you visited Colonial Williamsburg at night? How does the evening experience differ in your experience? Tell us in the comments!