4,500-square-foot Smash*It Breakroom is open and ready for destruction!

This. Is. Happening. Finally, you can go somewhere and break a whole bunch of stuff ... and not get arrested for it. 

Smash*It Breakroom will be opening soon at 790 W. Evans Ave. It one of the first "rage rooms" to open in Colorado, offering us a hit of the trendy activity that has been popping up in major cities in the U.S. 

According to the Smash*It website, a break room (sometimes called a "rage room") is a room designed for specifically destruction! It is a safe place where you can gear up and destroy items without any worry about the mess. The perfect place to release energy, de-stress, and have fun. The company provides you with safety gear, tools, and a whole bunch of things to demolish. 

Because who hasn't dreamed of this moment ever since this movie came out (with the proper safety gear, of course). Courtesy YouTube.

"Whether your need for destruction is for fun, therapy, or some other reason, we know you’ll leave with a smile on your face," says the website

The company is the brainchild of owners Dustin Gagne and Drew Nielson. As the trend moved from overseas to the U.S., it seemed like a smashing good time to open their own break room. They found a former meat-packing facility and transformed several of the walk-in freezers, as well as other rooms, into a place that even The Hulk would love. 

Tanks not included. via GIPHY

You can choose from a variety of packages that let you smash dressers, bottles, and so much more. The material has been sourced from garage sales, restaurants (bottles), etc., giving one last hurrah to unwanted stuff. 

smash it owners

Owners Dustin Gagne (left) and Drew Neilson on lease-signing day. Courtesy of Smash*It Breakroom (Facebook).

You get to pick the music that makes you feel smashy, smashy, and go to town. Different packages are available for ages 13 and up. Check out the company website or Facebook page for more information and to book your smash session.