The cub was rescued in Spokane before coming to Colorado Springs.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (CMZ) in Colorado Springs has recently announced the arrival of a new mountain cub. The cub is male and a rescue cat, about six to eight weeks old, according to CMZ. He'd been found wandering on a logging road in Spokane, Washington.

Now, there's not much more known about his backstory, however, a cub this small would not survive in the wild without his mother. So, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officers took the orphaned little guy to the Oregon Zoo for a quick check-up and some vaccinations, and then he was sent here to Colorado. He arrived at the CMZ on the evening of June 15 and has been cared for by Zoo staff since then. He has needed bottle feeding and recently began eating out of a bowl, enjoying a mix of raw meat and milk.

Here's some footage of the mountain lion cub the day he arrived in Colorado Springs:

The zookeepers report he will begin crate training when he is ready and will eventually be put in the Rocky Mountain Wild habitat when the time is right. He will hopefully join one-year-old mountain lion siblings, Sitka and Adira, who also arrived at the Zoo after being orphaned in Washington state.

So far, there has not been a name announced for the new cub, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo often allows visitors to vote on names or holds a contest to choose new baby names, so we will just have to wait and see how this little one gets named!

We are super excited to hear about this new mountain lion cub and hope to see him out in the habitat soon. Have you visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo since they reopened? What animals or new zoo babies do you want to see most? Sound off in the comments.