Coco is one of the boldest, most original films to come from Pixar in a long time!

All right, so Coco has been out for quite a few weeks now. If you have yet to see this gorgeous, original film, I have one question for you: why not? Not only is the animation flawless and incredibly detailed, but the story is unique and really strikes a cord with many of its viewers. It's funny, completely heartbreaking, and one of the best films to come from Pixar in a very long time. Not since Inside Out have I cried more at a Pixar movie. [gallery type="rectangular" size="large" ids="28872,28870,28871"]
The movie follows the story of Miguel, a young aspiring musician, who wants to be just like his hero -- mid-century legend Ernesto de la Cruz. There's only one problem: his family despises music and does not want Miguel to play the guitar. Instead, they want him to be part of the family business of making shoes. This gives off some familiar vibes we've seen before in many movies -- the protagonist has a desire to achieve a goal or a dream, and his or her family/friends have other plans in mind. After Miguel steals Ernesto del la Cruz's guitar -- in order to play in a musical competition during Dia de los Muertos -- he finds himself trapped in the skeleton-filled Land of the Dead. There, he comes in contact with his ancestors. Now it's up to Miguel and his deceased family members to get him back to the Land of the Living before he becomes trapped there ... forever. Seriously, go see Coco if you haven't yet. It's the perfect movie for every member of the family. Have you seen Coco? What did you think of Pixar's latest masterpiece? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more reviews on your favorite movies and television shows!

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